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Anna Paquin's True Blood Boobs Showed Up During A Live TV News Report

When's the last time a news report got derailed by Anna Paquin having sex on True Blood? Oh, just recently, actually.

True Blood Star Nelsan Ellis' Cause Of Death Revealed By His Family

True Blood star Nelsan Ellis recently passed away, and his family has revealed the cause of death.

How True Blood's Stars Reacted To The Death Of Co-Star Nelsan Ellis

Nelsan Ellis' death shocked both fans and friends alike, and his former True Blood co-stars all came out and shared their mournful thoughts about the actor's passing.

True Blood Star Nelsan Ellis Has Died At 39

Actor Nelsan Ellis, who is best known for his starring role in HBO's True Blood, has died at the age of 39.

Why American Horror Story Is Harder To Work On Than True Blood, According To Denis O'Hare

American Horror Story gives Denis O'Hare the chance to step into a new character every season, while his vampire villain Russell Edgington was True Blood's most beloved villain. But apparently AHS is a harder gig.

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Just Landed His First Big TV Job Since The Finale

Ryan Kwanten's TV career has taken a brief siesta following his time as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, but now he's got something sweet coming down the pipeline.

True Blood's Anna Paquin Is Heading Back To TV

Anna Paquin is heading back to television for the most exciting project she's been in since True Blood. Here are the details.

How Violent Will The True Blood Author's New Show Be? Here's What One Star Says

True Blood author Charlaine Harris has a new show coming to network TV, and one of the stars shared with CinemaBlend what we can expect from this show as far as violence and action goes.

True Blood's Stephen Moyer Is Joining Marvel's X-Men Universe

Superheroes are all the rage on the small screen nowadays, and True Blood alum Stephen Moyer has landed a role on a new Marvel show that could be perfect for him.

Another Good Wife Character Is Set To Return For The Spinoff

One fan favorite character from The Good Wife is definitely slated to return for the upcoming spin-off. Get the details!

The True Blood Creator's New Show With Holly Hunter Just Got A Series Order

Alan Ball has created a few well-known TV projects during his years in the business, and he's about to put together another project with HBO.

First Trailer For True Blood Author's New Show Is Monster-Filled Insanity

Now, we've finally gotten a good look at what Midnight, Texas we'll be about, and we have to say we're all in. If you enjoyed HBO's former supernatural drama, you may be, too.

True Blood Creator Has Another Dark HBO Drama On The Way, Get The Details

If you loved HBO's True Blood, you might be in for a treat soon. Alan Ball, that show's creator, has another project in the works and it sounds like it could be equally dark and twisted.

True Blood Is Becoming A Musical, Here’s What We Know

Yeah, you read that right. HBO's vampire drama True Blood is being developed as a musical.

The Suprising Co-Star True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard Thinks Is The Best Kisser

As a former True Blood cast member, Alexander Skarsgard has kissed a lot of people on sets. Throw in more recent roles, and you'll realize Skarsgard has kissed a slew of actors and actresses, but one stood above the rest.

True Blood Author's New TV Show Is Happening, Here's The Latest

It's been less than two years since True Blood aired its final episode on HBO, and author Charlaine Harris will now bring her next series of supernatural books to the small screen.

TV's 10 Most Famous Witches, Ranked By Scariness

Television over the years has seen creepy crawlies ranging from zombies to werewolves to vampires, but there’s nothing like a witch to give us nightmares. There are plenty of ways for a witch to be terrifying, and not all of them involve cauldrons or broomsticks.

The 10 Most Disappointing TV Finales, According To Angry Fans

Like a bad ending can completely ruin an otherwise good film or book, a TV show’s final episode can leave such a bad taste in one’s mouth that it can change one’s perspective on the entire series. Here are 10 of the most terribly received series finales of all time.

Sons Of Anarchy Almost Featured Two Huge True Blood Stars

I could go on for days about how Sons of Anarchy was an incredible slice of TV pie, but I’ll just mention how pitch-perfect 99% of the casting was throughout the show’s seven seasons. Sadly, we missed out on appearances from True Blood's biggest stars.

11 TV Characters That Were Killed Off In Really Gruesome Ways

The modern era of television can be summed up in many ways, with plenty of trends and tropes to choose as foundations. We’ve rounded up 11 of the most gruesome deaths TV characters have faced over the years. Yes, there will be spoilers.

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