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Furry Friends Are The Best Home Security System In Pups Alone Trailer

Two adorable dogs side by side in the grass
(Image credit: Saban Films, Paramount)

Arriving just in time for the holidays, Pups Alone is a fun new spin on the Home Alone concept. While everyone is away on a company ski trip, a jealous inventor (Dolph Lundgren) hires a couple of thieves break into the home, trying to steal his colleague's latest invention. Unfortunately for the intruders, the trailer shows that the neighborhood dogs prove to be the best home security system as they use the inventions to set up a house of horrors. 

The Pups Alone trailer is just as funny and adorable as it sounds. It opens with familiar holiday violin music. Ahh, the season is upon us! We then meet the starring furry friend, Charlie, as he uses an invention to open the curtains and wake his human for the day. It’s a young girl who’s happy to see him. The house also has creations that Charlie can use to get his own food and water, which is perhaps why he’s able to be left alone? We know we’re in for a family-friendly and fun adventure. 

In the next part, we see it’s moving day as Charlie and his humans pull up to their new house and meet a creepy neighbor and lots of neighborhood dogs. The dogs are way more friendly than the humans. Not only are the pups adorable, but they can talk. Pups Alone features the voices of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jerry O’Connell, Danny Trejo, and Rob Schneider.

As the title suggests, the pups are indeed left alone, although it’s unclear if all the families in the neighborhood have gone or just the family featured in the trailer. It’s also uncertain if they’ve selected anyone to look after their dog, Charlie, but he seems more than capable of fending for himself. Instead of forgetting a family member as done in the holiday classic Home Alone, Charlie is left at the house intentionally in Pups Alone as the homeowners go on a ski trip. Similar to Home Alone, antics ensue as two men try to break into the house and are met with a plethora of homemade gadgets to keep them away. The dogs even meet to strategize how to take down the thieves and it’s hilarious. 

Fans of talking animals and slapstick comedy are in for a treat with Pups Alone. This film will be a great choice to pop on for the whole family to enjoy when everyone is in town for the holidays. This laugh-out-loud comedy is sure to bring joy and the holiday spirit. Grab the popcorn, kids, hot cocoa, pets, and settle in for this wild adventure. 

Pups Alone is available in theaters November 19 and On Digital, On Demand & DVD November 23. But be warned, your pets might pick up a trick or two. For more to watch at home with the family, keep an eye on our DVD and Blu-ray release schedule

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