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Casino Royale Synopsis

Daniel Craig stars as “007” James Bond, the smoothest, sexiest, most lethal agent on Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Casino Royale. Based on the first Bond book written by Ian Fleming, the story, which has never been told on film until now, recounts the making of the world’s greatest secret agent.

James Bond’s first “007” mission leads him to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the world’s terrorists. In order to stop him, and bring down the terrorist network, Bond must beat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale. Bond is initially annoyed when a beautiful British Treasury official, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), is assigned to deliver his stake for the game and watch over the government's money. But, as Bond and Vesper survive a series of lethal attacks by Le Chiffre and his henchmen, a mutual attraction develops leading them both into further danger and events that will shape Bond’s life forever.

A much older actor is cast to play a much younger Bond. Does that make any sense? Look forward to seeing craggy-faced Daniel Craig in heavy, heavy makeup if Casino Royale screenwriter is serious about his Bond being a younger, 28-year-old version of the character. Thing of this as "James Bond Year One" or "James Bond Begins", minus the scientologist, not-gay actor's girlfriend. Bond can do better than Katie Holmes.

This is the first Bond film actually based on one of Ian Flemings books since 1987. 21st in the series, it also marks the return of director Martin Campbell, the guy who first repopularized the whole franchise in the first place with the excellent Bond movie Goldeneye. It's been downhill from there ever since.

Sure, some of the other 007 movies have been fun (I had a really good time with Die Another Day) and sure, Pierce Brosnan has been spectacular (for my money even better than Connery), but the scripts haven't been up to snuff with some of James better stuff. With a screenwriter of Paul Haggis caliber doctoring the script and a proven 007 director, maybe Casino Royale stands a chance, even if their blonde Bond casting doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Casino Royale Release Date
In Theaters November 17, 2006
Casino Royale Credits
Starring: Daniel Craig (James Bond, 007), Dame Judi Dench (M), Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre), Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter), Eva Green (Vesper Lynd), Giancarlo Gianni (Mathis), Catalina Murino (Sologne), Tobias Menzies (Villiers), Ivana Milicevic (Valenka)
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Produced by: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
MPAA Rating: [ PG-13 ]
Distributor: MGM
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