Whatever anyone else might say, Terminator 3 was crappy. I know this for certain because my dad is a great fan of crappy low rent plotless action movies and his verdict was a simple; "That wasn't really very good was it...". Word forthright from the Wood patriarch.

So to say that I'm a little less than enthused by the idea of Terminator 4 is an understatement especially as it's being produced and written by the same people responsible for #3.

Mario Kassar, Andrew Vajna and Jonathan Mostow had hoped that, although the planned fourth installment will be T-800-free zone, California Gorvernator Arnold Schwarzenegger would pop in for a brief cameo appearance. Alas, it seems Mr S is a little less eager to star than I am to see it.

"They will never see me for one second in the movie.", said the muscleman. His stipulation for appearing being that if the movie was shooting in his home of California he would have done it, but the movie is planned to shoot in Budapest so the idea is out the window.

Good move Ahnuld. Let's all leave the Terminator franchise behind us and move on... T4 is scheduled to begin filming later this year for anyone crazy enough to care.

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