This past July, a slew of suicide bombings hit the London transit system, leaving 56 people dead. It's impossible to forget the news clips, articles, and pictures depicting this horrible tragedy. It shook the world up again, letting us know that terrorism had no end in sight, and we were still far from safe.

According to Variety, Bollywood helmer Mahesh Bhatt is making a movie titled Suicide Bomber about these events, except with a very controversial twist. "I will attempt to bring out the virtues of Islamic living and also show how the state can sometimes be a demon. The film will delve into the heart and mind of a suicide bomber", Bhatt reports.

That's right: the movie will tell the story from a suicide bomber's perspective, and aim to show Islam as a religion of peace. The four suicide bombers were all Muslims, and three of them had Pakistani parents and were born and raised in Britain. Bhatt's son Rahul will star as one of these bombers.

The movie will shoot this June in London and India, with a budget of around 1 million dollars.

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