Remember how everyone was certain McG was no longer involved in Superman (Including us.)? Remember how happy we all were? Remember the joy? Forget it. Crush it, smash it, hide away in a big, heavily lacquered box and brace yourself. McG may not be gone after all.

USA Today had a brief word with I, Robot’s Shia LeBeouf at the Will Smith vehicle’s premiere. He had this to say about Superman:

“I met with McG (the director) today and talked about Jimmy Olsen and who's going to be playing who… The production's so locked down they said I can't even take the script home. I have to go to Warner Bros. (studio) to read it and then leave it there.

He’s not a bad choice for Jimmy Olsen and he did hint elsewhere in the interview that Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely out to play supes and that they’re going with an unknown, which is also good news. He added that McG is trying to suck in Johnny Depp to play Lex Luthor and Scarlett Johansson as Lois Lane, a task that would probably be easier if the goateed hack with one name weren’t the one trying to cast them.

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