Are you one of those people who believe everything they read on the Intenet regardless of the source? If so, and you are anticipating Superman: The Man of Steel, then have we got a story for you. Bryan Singer’s 2009 follow-up to Superman Returns will have not one but two villains. This is according to… some guy.

The guy, named “Brian,” posted the information on the site He claims that he ran into Superman Returns and Superman: The Man of Steel writer Michael Dougherty at the US Capitol of all places. “Brian’s” summary of the key part of his conversation with Dougherty went like this. “I asked him if he was apart of the sequal (sic) because everything I have seen says Singer and Harris are writing the script and that he isn't mentioned. He confirmed that he is writing it with the two just like the last picture. I then expressed to him that I was hoping the delays of Superman: The Man of Steel weren't true. He said that they were on track and that the goal is still to have the movie out in the Summer of 2009. He seemed a little hesitant about it but did his best to try and reassure that it will get done by then. I asked if he could give any more info on the film. He responded, "There are TWO villains," and he smiled.

“Brian” may have also had a picture of himself and Dougherty to help validate his claim of this conversation, but he actually ended up deleting his entire post at due to the negative comments that flowed following his initial post. That’s why the above link goes to another posters quoting of his comments, rather than his actual post. So file this one under something that a guy with no real credibility claims he heard. That doesn’t mean he’s lying, just that we can’t tell either way. So, two villains in the next Supes movie? That’s what I heard.

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