For part two of our fall movie preview (part one here>, we’ll look at October. While September this year sports a higher than usual number of potentially exciting films, October is almost completely dead. The best the month can muster in the way of blockbuster another Saw sequel, and that’s kind of a disappointment.

For me, it’s a month of stuff to avoid, with movies like Michael Clayton and the Raimi produced vampire/horror movie 30 Days of Night as the only potential bright spots. By the time October is over, we’ll all be hankering for the still sweltering, long gone days of September and its slate of star-powered westerns.

Below are links to previews for the movies we’ve picked as the biggest, most anticipated flicks being released in this second month of the fall movie season. Click each link for our thoughts on the film, images, trailers, and a complete plot synopsis. For a complete, day by day schedule of movies being released through the rest of the year, visit our preview section and check back on the site tomorrow for the third part of our three part Fall Movie Preview 2007.

October 2007 Releases
The Heartbreak Kid
Michael Clayton
Dan in Real Life
We Own the Night
30 Days of Night
The Comebacks
Martian Child
The Signal
Saw IV

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