AOL, in association with the likewise Time Warner-owned Warner Bros. Television, announced Monday that it will be airing the premieres of two new NBC series one week before their official network premieres. ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,’ a drama chronicling the behind-the-scenes happenings of an SNL-inspired sketch comedy, and ‘Twenty Good Years,’ a comedy following two New Yorkers who strive to make the best of the twenty years they believe to have left to live, will be streamed by AOL seven days before their respective Sept. 18 and Oct. 11 premieres.

News and information regarding all of the network’s 82 primetime shows will also be included in the upcoming AOL promotion.

This is not the first sneak-peak promotional effort of the fall season. NBC, in its shamefully low ratings position, has continued its desperate trend to follow the efforts of others. CBS recently announced a promotion allowing TiVo users to view the premiere of ‘The Class’ a week before its broadcast premiere.

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