Tobey Maguire is not necessarily a controversial guy; he doesn't give you many reasons not to like him -- in fact, it is his aw-shuck-sy-ness that makes him a winner of a web-spinner as the on-screen embodiment of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to drop May 4th, but will Tobey be dropping Spidey next?

Taken from his recent chat in "Men's Journal", Maguire webs poetic on his future plans: "I appreciate movies from a standpoint of entertainment and distraction, and I also love when people make movies that help raise awareness...I don't really have a lot of formed ideas. It's more just thoughts...I might do another "Spider-Man" movie - I don't know."

Coming across cranky doesn't seem to bug the arachnid kid, as he lets the press know that, gosh darn it, he's in charge: "I used to prepare to go to battle with journalists...Now I don't have my feet planted. I won't talk about what I won't talk about, but I'm more relaxed about it.."

I don't remember anyone grilling Tobey ever, but as long as the Spider swings not sucks, he can dream about fending off the paparazzi all he wants.

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