Mythical Pokemon Meloetta Now Available At GameStop

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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If youíre looking to be the very best, like none there ever was, then chances are pretty good that youíll want to head into GameStop sometime between right this very minute and March 24. That gives you 20 days to take advantage of a special promotion offering the new mythical Pokemon, Meloetta, as a free download.

Announced in early February, Meloetta has finally arrived in the United States as a downloadable offering for those willing to make the trek to participating GameStop stores.

Meloetta is a Pokemon with a musical flair who, using her special Relic Song move, becomes the very first collectable critter to change form in the middle of battle. Beginning as a normal psychic-type Pokemon in her Aria form, Meloetta can shift into a normal fighting-type Pokemon in her Pirouette form without needing to take a break from the fight.

If youíre playing either Pokemon Black or White, or perhaps Black 2 or White 2, all you have to do to catch your very own Meloetta is head into a GameStop and get to downloading between now and March 24.

Just think of it as actually hunting down a Pokemon and that should make the grueling trek to your local (or not-so-local) mall a little easier to bear. Also, itís free stuff!
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