Prototype 2 Hardened Steel Is Best Buy Exclusive

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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It seems GameStop won't be the only retailer offering an exclusive pre-order bonus for Prototype 2. Best Buy will be given its North American customers a "Hardened Steel" upgrade if they reserve a copy of the sandbox action game.

"Prototype 2's Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor allows Sgt. James Heller to jump into any military vehicle and shrug off even the most devastating attacks," said Radical Entertainment boss Ken Rosman. "Whether fighting off individual soldiers, helicopters, tanks, and APCs or all the above at once, this upgrade provides Heller a defensive advantage as he goes head-to-head against everything the enemy Blackwatch forces throw at him."

Best Buy pre-order customers will also get a limited edition poster while supplies last. The press release indicates that the retailer has other exclusives up their sleeves for the game, but will reveal them at a later date.

GameStop's exclusive bonus, revealed earlier this month, is the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker. It's an alternate version of the Bio Bomb ability. You turn people into bombs and then punt them. Good times.

Prototype 2 will launch on April 24th in North America.

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