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There will be a lot of shambling and flopping going on over on the PlayStation Network next week as The Walking Dead: Season Two finally arrives on the Vita and Octodad: Dadliest Catch squiggles his way onto the PlayStation 4.

First up, let’s take a look at the most recent offering from TellTale Games, which is just about ready to rise from its grave on Sony’s portable console. I am of course talking about The Walking Dead: Season Two, which is primed to deliver a one-two punch to your gut with the release of two chapters in the palm of your hands.

It was announced yesterday that the first two chapters (out of five) for the latest season of TellTale’s highly acclaimed adventure series is gearing up to arrive on the Vita next Tuesday, April 21, bringing with it all of the twists, turns, surprises and hear-breaking instant decisions fans of the series have come to expect.

Players can catch up on Clementine’s adventure at the coast of $4.99 per episode, or you can save 20 percent overall by going ahead and picking up the season pass. Your call but, if you’re planning on starting the story, I assume there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to want to finish it, too. Just saying.

Also arriving next week is a brand new game for the PlayStation 4, the wildly insane Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Octodad is a little tricky to explain, but what it all really boils down to is the fact that you are, in fact, an octopus trying to live a completely normal human life with your completely normal human family. The fact that nobody realizes you are an octopus is what has kept you safe all of these years and, in order not to blow that cover, you’re going to need to carry out a large number of mundane activities in the most “human” fashion possible.

The problem, in case you missed it, is that you’re an octopus who is ill suited to activities like coloring, grilling and the like. Your job as the player is to flop your Octodad about on the screen and try to accomplish these feats as seamlessly as possible, all while wrestling with some rather insane physics and noodly appendages. It’s wonderfully bizarre and, starting Tuesday, everyone can experience it for themselves on the PS4.

“We started Octodad as a ragtag group of students, and it’s been a long and crazy ride getting our silly game on the PS4,” said Creative Director Kevin Zuhn in a recent announcement. “This is our first foray into consoles, and we’re proud to be here. We released Octodad on PC back in January, and since then we’ve taken the time to improve it based on feedback from our players. The latter third of the game in particular has gone through some radical changes, with added challenges like deck swabbing, jig dancing, and new disguises to wear.”

Download it Tuesday for $14.99, or $11.99 with PlayStation Plus.

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