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PSNow Is Coming To PC, Eventually
The folks over at Sony broke some big news yesterday, announcing that the streaming game service known as PlayStation Now will soon be heading to Windows PC.
How Multiplayer Will Be Different In Titanfall 2
The key pillar of gameplay in the original Titanfall resided in its solid multiplayer experience. That same experience will still be a pillar of gameplay in the sequel, but Respawn is making some tweaks to the formula, and explained how the multiplayer will be different in Titanfall 2.
New Rise Of The Tomb Raider DLC Lets You Explore Croft Manor
Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have released a new trailer for the Croft Manor DLC in a quest called "Blood Ties". The new content is for Rise of the Tomb Raider on both PC and the Xbox One, and you can get a look at the new content ahead of its release.
New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Trailer Shows An Insane Degree Of Customization
Ubisoft took GamesCom as an opportunity to roll out tons of new footage and content for their upcoming games. They have a slew of new videos and screenshots for their upcoming titles, including a new trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, showcasing some deep customization features.
The Final Fantasy XV Delay Has Had Unexpected Consequences In Japan
The announcement that Final Fantasy XV would be delayed from September 30th to November 29th sent shock waves through the gaming industry, with a lot of gamers being disappointed. However, it was a spell of great news for Atlus and Persona 5.
BioShock: The Collection Is Adding A New Collectable To The Original Game
The re-release of the BioShock series by 2K Games will come with a little something extra for those of you who are diligent and committed to the series. A brand new collectible item has been added to the game that players can seek out.
The New South Park: The Fractured But Whole Trailer Is The NSFW Civil War You've Been Waiting For
Ubisoft has been on a role lately, pumping out new content for many of their upcoming fall releases including the sequel to Obsidian's South Park. The new trailer takes digs at Marvel's Captain America: Civil War in typical NSFW South Park fashion.
This Half-Life 3 Ad Is Not Even A Little Funny
There's an ad for Half-Life. It features the number '3' in the ad. This ad is currently running at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. The Half-Life ad with the number '3' in it is actually about Valve's game. However... the ad is only tangentially related to Half-Life and it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with Half-Life 3.
DOTA 2 Is Introducing A New Hero, And We Love Him
DOTA 2 is expanding its roster with a brand new hero to join the line-up, and it's a hero for the ages. Chinese folklore legend the Monkey King will be added to the roster this fall, giving the game some eastern flair as the selection in heroes continues to grow and expand for the free-to-play MOBA title.
Fallout 4’s Nuka-World Is The Most Terrifying Theme Park Ever
Fallout 4 has been producing some solid DLC as part of their expanded season pass. The final entry, however, may be the best one yet. Nuka-World is Bethesda's terrifying take on a post-apocalyptic theme park.
No Man's Sky Review: A Lonely, Magical Journey
No Man's Sky is a game of infinite horizons. And while it might not have launched as the be-all, end-all space epic some folks were anticipating, its promise that something new waits around every corner has me totally mesmerized. It turns out that No Man's Sky isn't quite what the world expected, but it's exactly what I wanted.
The Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Beta Isn't Coming To PC, And The Reason Makes Perfect Sense
Usually multiplayer betas are setup across the major platforms that the game is releasing on. One would expect that to apply to Titanfall 2 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. But Respawn is skipping PC because they don't want the single-player leaked ahead of launch.
You May Not Want To Claim Your No Man's Sky Pre-Order
Amid all the controversy surrounding the launch of No Man's Sky, there's one thing that you may not want to do even though you pre-ordered No Man's Sky: claim the bonus ship. There's a very weird but good reason as to why you shouldn't claim the ship.
The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition Will Keep You Very Busy
For those of you who have held off on buying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this long, your patience is being rewarded in the form of a Game of the Year edition boasting loads of extra content that should keep you hunting monsters and saving lives for hours and hours on end.
You May Be Able To Play PlayStation Games On PC Soon, Here's How
Barring the obvious fact that emulation is a thing on PC, you may be able to play PlayStation games legitimately through Sony's own PlayStation Now service. And not only that, but you might be able to play some of Sony's popular titles on PC very soon.
An Early Xbox One Title Is About To Go Offline
Back in May Microsoft had Team Dakota announce that they would be pulling the plug on Project Spark, the user-generation creation tool is no longer available for use online and gamers have been advised to download as much content as possible before the doors shutter for good.
Your Favorite Overwatch Character May Be About To Get Nerfed
Blizzard Entertainment has tirelessly balanced, rebalanced and modified every character in the first-person shooter Overwatch to ensure that every character is fair, fairly used and not too overpowered. Well, after recently getting a major buff, one character is now getting a major nerf.
Here's What You'll Need To Play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided On PC
The official PC specifications for running Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have been released by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal. The minimum and recommended specs are about what you would expect for the game, but the real question is if your PC can handle those requirements?
Just Cause 3's New DLC Has A Release Date, Get The Details
Avalanche Studios' third and final DLC pack for the season pass of Just Cause 3 has been detailed. You can get your hands on the Bavarium Sea Heist content starting today if you have the season pass and starting August 18th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC if you don't have the season pass.
Why The Single Player Campaign Was Important For Titanfall 2
Respawn Entertainment's big focus on this year's outing of Titanfall 2 is all about the single-player. There's an all new campaign included in the new game and the developers explain why it was important to be included.
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