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Two Video Games That Are Massively Popular Porn Search Terms
There is an undeniable law of the internet known as Rule 34, which states that "if it exists, there is porn of it." As it turns out, two of the biggest game franchises of 2016 have resulted in more than their fair share of content in this regard.
Pokemon Sun And Moon Concept Art Focuses On The Big Villain
The main villain in Pokemon Sun and Moon didn't get revealed until very, very late into the game. However, after finally revealing the villain gamers understood how it tied the story all together, and there's some new concept art that delves just a bit deeper into her design.
Pokemon Go Has Made Another Update, Here's What Changed
Niantic Labs has unleashed the second part of their festive Pokemon Go holiday update. The first part ran through December 25th to December 30th, which we recently covered. The second part of the update will run up until just beyond the new year, and here's what they changed.
Kid Uses Sleeping Mom's Fingerprint To Buy Pokemon Gifts
This particular story works best if you've got the Mission Impossible theme playing in your head while reading it. Apparently some brilliant kid figured out a rather clever way to break past his mom's security measures and order himself hundreds of dollars' worth of Pokemon toys.
Stock Up On Pokemon Go Gear With These Holiday Deals
The holiday season has been good for Pokemon Go players. They've been on the receiving end of a new tracking system for Pokemon, brand new second generation Pokemon to capture, and various holiday themed events. Well, Niantic also has holiday deals to top off all of that goodness.
The Next Global Event For Pokemon Sun And Moon Has Been Announced
Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have another new event set to get underway for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The event will be the second major event for the Nintendo 3DS game and it won't be as taxing as the first event.
Niantic May Have Just Helped Out A Lot Of Pokemon Go Players
The new Nearby function to help track Pokemon has been rolled out into various territories. We don't hear a whole lot about it (which may be a good thing because it means people are too busy playing). But that doesn't mean Niantic can't help out a bunch of Pokemon Go players with a few useful hints.
How To Get The New Pokemon In Pokemon Go
If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then you'll need to master the art of catching brand new Pokemon that were recently added to Pokemon Go. Luckily, there are already tutorials ready to roll to give you an extra edge.
How The Original Game Boy Set Back Pokemon Red And Blue's Development
Gamers interested in a little blast from the past with a history lesson the development of two of the most popular games of all time, might be pleasantly surprised at some of the info revealed regarding the development of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.
Nintendo Rides Will Be Coming To More Universal Theme Parks Than We Thought
It looks like Mario is a huge fan of theme parks. We already knew that Nintendo-themed rides were going to be featured at Universal Japan but, thanks to some new information, it sounds like the mustachioed plumber and his colorful cast of pals will be paying a visit to Universal Orlando and Hollywood, too.
Why Fan-Made Games Like Pokemon Uranium Won't Be At The 2016 Game Awards
Some of the most talked about games of the year weren't official releases; they were fan-made games released for free, such as Another Metroid 2 Remake. However, despite the praise and popularity of these titles, they won't be at the 2016 Game Awards.
That Missing Pokemon Is Now Available To Catch In Pokemon Go
Niantic Labs finally confirmed something that a lot of players have known about for a while: that one of the 151 Pokemon that were revealed to be in Pokemon Go via datamining, is now available to catch in the actual game.
Hacking Pokemon Sun And Moon Could Result In You Losing Your Save, Get The Details
Some players trying to save their games in Pokemon Sun and Moon were running into some serious problems, with the game glitching and ruining the save files. Well, it turns out that hacking will do that to your game.
New Pokemon Trainer Set Has Everything You Need To Play Sun And Moon
Now that Game Freak's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have released for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device, gamers can go out into the world of Alola and capture as many Pokemon as their heart desires. Well, what's more is that there's a new Pokemon trainer set to help make it easier yet for you.
Why Pokemon Sun And Moon Has Been Releasing So Many Teasers
Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been drip-feeding gamers with a lot of Pokemon Sun and Moon trailers to help acquaint them with the new island, the new Pokemon, and the new gameplay mechanics. Well, there's a reason they've been so generous with information and media assets for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles.
An Extremely Rare Pokemon Is Now Available For Free
The 20th anniversary of the Pokemon game series continues on and Nintendo has continued to stay committed to rolling out free goodies for people who play the newer games in the series on the Nintendo 3DS. And, for this month, they have a brand new extremely rare Pokemon available... for free.
Why Pokemon Don't Say Their Names In The Games
One of the trademark gimmicks of the cartoon series based around the Pokemon brand is that the Pokemon say their names when talking, interacting with other humans, when performing their moves or when called out of their Pokeballs. Well, there's a reason why they don't say their names in the games.
The Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Contains A Ton Of Spoilers
Whenever new content arrives for a game, expect die-hard fines to rifle through the files and deconstruct everything they possibly can. That's exactly what happened with the _Pokemon Sun _and_Moon _demo, which was data mined for all sorts of spoilers.
What To Expect From Pokemon Go's Latest Update
For all of you Pokemon Go trainers still going strong, the developers at Niantic are hard at work bringing out updates to make their mobile hit a more robust offering. With gyms getting the most recent attention via update, it sounds like multiplayer battles could be in the not-too-distant future, too.
Here Are The Newest Changes Coming To Pokemon Go
Niantic Labs consistently keep Pokemon Go updated and receiving fresh new content. They've already given gamers a look at what's in store with the upcoming updates for the mobile game now that they've finally stabilized servers and can start rolling out more fun content instead of stability patches.
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