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The PlayStation 3 May Be On Its Way Out, Get The Details

It's been a long, successful road for Sony's PlayStation 3, but it looks like the last-gen game console's days may be numbered.

How to Get Six Upcoming PlayStation Games At A Discount

Sony is gearing up to offer its next big collection of discounted games and, this spring, that includes six upcoming titles that can be purchased at a discounted price for subscribers to PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Is Bringing An Insane Number Of Games To PAX East

PAX East is right around the corner, and it looks like Sony is angling for visitors to spend a lot of time in their booth at the popular games conference.

Is Sony Working On A New Handheld? Here's What We Know

The PS Vita hasn't been getting a whole lot of love lately. The system has started to feel like an afterthought, especially over the last two years. Well, there is now speculation running rampant that the reason the Vita is being treated with second rate attention is because Sony could be working on a new handheld.

Here's What's Coming In The Next PlayStation 4 System Update

Sony is already prepping to roll out the next big system update for the PS4 in the form of version 4.50. They've codenamed this bad boy "Sasuke" and they're sending out e-mail instructions right now for those of you who are beta participants to install and check out what's coming in the next PlayStation 4 system update.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite's Trailer Is Action Packed And Awesome

It's been rumored all week long that Capcom was going to unveil the newest Marvel vs Capcom in during the PlayStation Experience this weekend, but those rumors just became a reality when the game was officially announced during Sony's PSX 16 stage conference.

A Popular Sony Character may Be Coming Back

New information released recently hinted at a popular character from the ancient past of Sony's PlayStation history making a return to form for the PlayStation 4, according to some new rumors.

Sony Announced Its Black Friday Sale In The Weirdest Way

Sony officially announced their Black Friday sale for the PlayStation brand. Now there's something really important about this announcement that will completely change how you view the upcoming sale, and you probably aren't going to like it one bit.

You Can Get A PS4 Pro Complete With A TV, Here's The Details

If you've looking to step into the future of gaming, or guide someone special in that direction this holiday season, then you might want to check out this latest promotion from Best Buy, which offers a PlayStation 4 pro and a spiffy new TV for a bundled discount.

The PlayStation Experience Exhibitor List Is Massive, Check It Out

Sony will once again be hosting a PlayStation Experience this December and, according to a recent announcement, they're bringing a bunch of industry giants along for the ride.

Here's When You Can Expect To See Sony's First Mobile Games

Sony has recently released the PlayStation VR and they have the PS4 Pro on the horizon, too. The company is dabbling in various markets outside traditional console gaming, and they're planning on adding mobile games to the list.

If You Own A Fat PS3 Sony Might Owe You Money

The lawsuit against Sony for removing Linux from the original PS3 SKUs, known as the "Fat" system before it was replaced with the "Slim" SKU, has taken another step forward after six years of slow moving litigation. Some gamers are now eligible for being owed money by Sony if they have a "Fat" PS3.

Sony Is Shutting Down A Popular Mobile Game

One of Sony's unique IPs that came out during the seventh gen managed to make its way onto mobile devices and the PlayStation Vita. Well, this particular popular mobile game is no longer quite as popular as it once was and Sony is pulling the plug on it.

Today's PlayStation 4 Update Brings More Than Just HDR Support

Sony's new 4.00 update, codenamed Shingen, has finally dropped. The firmware and OS update is future proofed up until November, where a lot of the content added exceeds the highly anticipated HDR support. In fact, a lot of the features are in preparation for the launch of the PS4 Pro.

The Real Reason We're Getting New Consoles Already, According To Sony

A mid-generation console refresh seems like an odd thing from major console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft. However, the duo are doing exactly that with the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. According to Sony, however, the mid-gen refresh isn't because of the Scorpio, but due to something you might not expect.

Check Out The First Gameplay Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Electronic Arts had some of the first gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda debut during Sony's PlayStation Meeting today, giving gamers three whole minutes worth of gameplay to soak in well ahead of the game's 2017 release on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Here's How To Watch Tomorrow's Major PlayStation Announcement

Sony has a big announcement to make tomorrow on September 7th. They plan on making waves starting at 12pm PST and 3pm EST. The event is being called the PlayStation Meeting, and here's how you will be able to watch it.

Pokemon Go Has Inspired Another Console Maker To Go Mobile

It's impossible to ignore the mobile powerhouse that is Pokemon Go. It's so powerful, in fact, that Nintendo's move into the mobile market seems to have inspired yet another big publisher to make a push onto smart devices.

Is Sony About To Unveil A New PS4 Controller As Well?

After several days of image and video leaks seeming to point to the launch of a PlayStation 4 slim model, it looks like the new console might have a sibling piece of new hardware coming to market, too.

Here's When The PS4 Neo May Be Revealed

A lot of speculation has started to latch itself onto the rumor mill, spinning and picking up a lot of speed after Sony announced that they had big plans for the PlayStation brand to be revealed on September 7th. Some people believe that's when the PS4 Neo may be revealed.

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