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Newest Rainbow Six: Siege Update Prevents Players From Escaping Interrogation
Ubisoft has updated Rainbow Six: Siege to address a problem relating to one of the new BOPE operators from being blocked from interrogating enemy soldiers. The patch prevents players from escaping interrogation.
New Ghost Recon Wildlands Video Walks You Through Stealth Gameplay
Ubisoft has been taking a more reserved approach with how they promote their upcoming games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Instead of over-hyping games, they've employed a more focused tactic, highlighting the unique and interesting elements of gameplay, such as the stealth mechanics in the upcoming Wildlands.
More Beyond Good And Evil 2 Art Has Surfaced And Now We May Know Why
Beyond Good and Evil didn't sell well on its initial release but passionate fans and late comers have turned the title into a cult favorite. Now it looks like the sequel may really be coming, and the reason the news is coming now may also be clear.
New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Introduces Several New Characters, One Old Friend
Set to launch this November, Watch Dogs 2 is here to lead us into the weekend with a brand new story trailer, giving folks a chance to see what types of missions they'll be tackling and what sort of people they'll be meeting in this next hack-tastic adventure. Fans of the original game might even recognize a returning companion.
The Division's Public Test Server Is Going Live This Week, Get The Details
Ubisoft is gearing up for the next big test for The Division. The public test server is scheduled to go live on Thursday this week but there are certain things you will need in order to participate, this will not be an open beta like some previous PTS events.
New For Honor Videos Show Three Class Types
Ubisoft's For Honor isn't due for release until early next year for PC, Xbox One and PS4, but they've been really ramping up their promotional efforts to make people aware of the sword-and-shield multiplayer game. This includes new trailers showing off how the class types work in the game.
Two Free Ubisoft Games Are Being Shut Down, Get The Details
When it comes to free-to-play games they have an expiration date on them. They don't last forever. That's become apparent with the number of shut downs taking place with certain free-to-play games, including two of Ubisoft's titles.
Here's What Multiplayer Will Look Like In Watch Dogs 2
During this year's GamesCom Ubisoft had a collection of promotional material on display for various games, including a showcase for what the multiplayer will look like in Watch Dogs 2. The trailer reveals co-op, online invasions and a mode called "Bounty Hunt".
Rainbow Six Siege DLC Trailer Shows Off An Awesome New Ability And A Killer New Crossbow
Ubisoft's Operation Skull Rain's DLC is prepping to roll out tomorrow on August 2nd. The trailer for the Rainbow Six: Siege DLC covers the two new operatives and some of the new equipment that will be at the disposal of players.
How To Get Rainbow Six For Free For A Limited Time
Ubisoft will allow gamers to get their hands on Rainbow Six: Siege for free on PC and Xbox One for a limited time this month. You won't have long to download a free copy of the game because the free promotion will end once August begins.
Pro Skier Filming For Ubisoft Game Killed In Avalanche, Get The Details
Tragedy struck this week for one extreme skier shooting footage for the game, Steep. Matilda Rapaport was out in the Andes Mountains of Chile when an avalanche occurred suddenly, killing Rapaport.
A Video Game Movie Will Win An Oscar, According To Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO
Is it possible for a video game movie to win an Academy Award? According to former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean Julien Baronnet, the answer is a resounding "yes."
How Ubisoft Is Trying To Stop Vivendi From Taking Over
Vivendi Universal may have slipped out of the gaming market when Activision-Blizzard took their market shares and went home, but it doesn't mean Vivendi wants to stay gone. In fact, they've been targeting Ubisoft in the past couple of years and the French company is trying desperately to stop the takeover.
Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Still Happening, Here's What Ubisoft's CEO Said
The action-adventure game Beyond Good and Evil has become a staple go-to franchise whenever people ask about sequels. "When will this game get a sequel?" is asked every year by core gamers. Well, Ubisoft has explained during this year's E3 that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still happening.
Here's The Huge Deal You Get If You Pre-Order South Park: The Fractured But Whole Today
Ubisoft has a special deal for those who pre-order or pre-purchase South Park: The Fractured But Whole: you'll be able to get a free copy of Ubisoft and Obsidian's South Park: The Stick of Truth.
When You Can Play The Next Just Dance
Ubisoft announced that they have a brand new Just Dance 2017 game in the works, and they have plans on putting out Just Dance in October for the home consoles and PC, including the Nintendo NX. The game will feature all new songs, new artists and new graphics.
Microsoft Announces Details About New The Division DLC
Ubisoft announced the first new major paid expansion pack for The Division. It will be launching as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One starting June 28. The new DLC will feature all new locations, new enemies and a new way to engage in missions.
The Division Has Upgraded Their Process In Getting Rid Of Cheaters
Ubisoft is taking cheating seriously in The Division. They've recently updated their policies on cheating. What are those new policies? Well, first-time offenders caught cheating are now getting permanently banned. No questions asked.
Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs 2, Here's What We Learned
Today has been a pretty big day for reveals, seeing as Injustice 2, Deus Ex and Watch Dogs put out information on new games. Ubisoft officially revealed Watch Dogs 2 this morning along with a new trailer and a ton of new information.
Watch Dogs 2 Leak Indicates Release Date And Setting
It seems like major game leaks always seem to happen the day before the officially reveal. Battlefield 1’s major leak did just that, and Watch Dogs 2’s reveal is tomorrow morning.
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