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Why The Switch Is Superior To The Wii U, According To Ubisoft
With the Nintendo Switch only a few months out from launch, a lot of buzz from developers is making its way around the internet. According to one Ubisoft executive, Nintendo's new console already has the Wii U beat thanks to design and messaging.
Rainbow Six: Siege Is Getting A New Season Pass, Here's What You Get
Ubisoft has been unleashing new content all throughout the year for Rainbow Six: Siege. The game has managed to keep its playerbase and even extend engagement, which his unheard of for most retail releases. Well, they have new season pass for the game and you get all new stuff for year two.
How Ubisoft Will Make Playing With Your Friends In VR A Lot Easier
One of the big challenges of virtual reality headsets in today's market is cost and compatibility. Well, Ubisoft wants to make things more streamlined on the compatibility front so that it will make playing with your friends in VR a heck of a lot easier.
Ubisoft Is Changing The Way It Handles DLC, And We're All For It
The folks at Ubisoft are rethinking the way they handle DLC moving forward and, assuming they stick to the new road map, it looks like a step in the right direction as far as gamers are concerned.
The Assassin's Creed Series Is Making A Major Change, Here's What We Know
Ubisoft skipped out on releasing a major Assassin's Creed title this year in order to give gamers a break due to the fact that it was suffering from franchise fatigue. Well, for next year's title they're making a major change to the series and here's what we know.
Are Nintendo And Ubisoft Developing A Crossover Title For The Switch? Here's What We Know
Rumors are swirling that Ubisoft and Nintendo might be working on a new collaborative title featuring two iconic brands from both Ubisoft and Nintendo. The game will supposedly be an exclusive launch game for the Nintendo Switch.
Here’s The Current Status Of Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer
Watch Dogs 2 is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the already packed fourth quarter, however, the game was released this week in less than complete condition, as the multiplayer aspects of the game were not functioning properly.
Watch Dogs 2 Review: Second Time Is The Charm
The original Watch Dogs promised a lot when it came to new and interesting gameplay mechanics. While much has been made about how the game looked, as opposed to how it was presented. The cosmetics weren't nearly as important as how the game actually played, and it played...fine.
There's A Problem With Online Play In Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 doesn't launch until tomorrow but Ubisoft is already having problems with the game's multiplayer, resulting in people being unable to access it. There is some good and bad news regarding this development, but people buying the game on launch day won't like it.
Does Watch Dogs 2 Tease Ubisoft's Next Game?
There's a side-mission in Watch Dogs 2 that has gamers completely flipping out about a teaser trailer that's tucked inside of the open-world hacktion game. The teaser trailer has left some thinking that maybe this could be Ubisoft's next game.
Ghost Recon: Wildlands Is Getting An Open Beta
If you're curious how Ghost Recon: Wildlands is shaping up, you'll have a chance to find out firsthand before the game launches next March. Between now and then, the developer is touting a beta period to make sure everything is going according to plan.
The Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Has Great Content, But It's Not Cheap
Watch Dogs 2 launches in just a couple of weeks, giving gamers a chance to hack the hell out of San Francisco. Following launch, though, the developers are planning a steady stream of DLC. You can buy it all in one go with a season pass, of course, but it'll set you back a pretty penny.
Steep Is Getting An Open Beta Next Month
If you've ever wanted to hurtle down a snow-covered mountain at ridiculous speeds from the safety of your own home, then the upcoming extreme sports game, Steep, has got you covered. And if you're interested in trying out Steep without forking over cash first, well, they've got a beta planned for next month.
The Important Aspect Of Hacking The Watch Dogs Games Can't Recreate, Yet
While the hacking that takes place within the Watch Dogs franchise is simplified, it does represent many actual things that hackers use their skill for, however, there's one thing hackers do in real life that the games can't quite copy.
How A Change In Location Changes Everything In Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 makes a number of changes from the previous game in the series. However, it was the change of the game's location that had the biggest impact on everything else.
See Everything San Francisco Has To Offer In New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer
The launch of Watch Dogs 2 is just around the corner, which means the hype train is running full steam ahead. The latest trailer for the upcoming "hacktion" game puts its setting front and center: San Francisco.
Newest Rainbow Six: Siege Update Prevents Players From Escaping Interrogation
Ubisoft has updated Rainbow Six: Siege to address a problem relating to one of the new BOPE operators from being blocked from interrogating enemy soldiers. The patch prevents players from escaping interrogation.
New Ghost Recon Wildlands Video Walks You Through Stealth Gameplay
Ubisoft has been taking a more reserved approach with how they promote their upcoming games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Instead of over-hyping games, they've employed a more focused tactic, highlighting the unique and interesting elements of gameplay, such as the stealth mechanics in the upcoming Wildlands.
More Beyond Good And Evil 2 Art Has Surfaced And Now We May Know Why
Beyond Good and Evil didn't sell well on its initial release but passionate fans and late comers have turned the title into a cult favorite. Now it looks like the sequel may really be coming, and the reason the news is coming now may also be clear.
New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Introduces Several New Characters, One Old Friend
Set to launch this November, Watch Dogs 2 is here to lead us into the weekend with a brand new story trailer, giving folks a chance to see what types of missions they'll be tackling and what sort of people they'll be meeting in this next hack-tastic adventure. Fans of the original game might even recognize a returning companion.
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