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Prey Now Has A Free Trial On PC

It has been a really busy year for new game releases, so you'd be forgiven if you happened to overlook the atmospheric survival shooter, Prey. Bethesda is hoping you'll be willing to give it a chance now, though, as they've officially launched a trial version of the game across all platforms.

Ubisoft Promises To Fix For Honor Exploit Following Tournament Snafu

For Honor just can't seem to catch a break. During the Hero Series Grand Final over the weekend, a tournament meant to drum up excitement for the floundering class-based brawler, the event instead turned sour when a well-known exploit was utilized by the winner to claim the top prize. Ubisoft has now come out to say that, yes, they will finally be addressing the issue in an upcoming patch.

How Star Wars Battlefront 2 Plans To Improve On The Original

While Star Wars: Battlefront was a decent first swing from the team at DICE, the studio admits that there wasn't exactly a lot of meat on those bones. Thankfully, that was one of the primary focuses while developing the sequel and, according to producer Craig McLeod, Battlefront II is being developed with longevity in mind.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Has Been Delayed

Metalhead Software recently made an announcement that the game Super Mega Baseball 2 for home consoles and PC will be delayed from its original September release. The developers had to make the announcement ahead of the originally scheduled release set to take place next month for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

When Sonic Mania Will Be Out On PC

Sonic Mania will be launching later this week for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, it won't be launching this week on PC. Why? It has been delayed so that the developers could address a few issues before releasing the game on Steam.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Teasing Some Space Battles

We've known for a while now that one of the most highly-requested modes omitted from the original Star Wars Battlefront, space battles, will be making their way into the sequel. Electronic Arts has finally started to pull back the curtain on those aerial showdowns, sharing a bit of information leading up to Gamescom 2017.

Rainbow Six Siege Is Adding A Bunch Of Changes, Here's What To Expect

Ubisoft is continuing to pamper the Rainbow Six: Siege audience with new content and updates, including a super major update planned for release at the end of the month for PC, PS4 and Xbox One users called Operation Blood Orchid, which includes all new operators, new gameplay fixes, and a brand new map.

Xbox Insider Program Is Now Open To Everybody

Microsoft has decided to open up the Xbox Insider Program, which was promised earlier. The company has now delivered on that promise and this means that any Xbox One owner will be able to participate in more alpha and beta programs for the Xbox One, ranging from games, to apps, to dashboard updates.

Why Xbox Is Planning To Make Changes To Achievements

Over the years, Achievements on Xbox consoles have become less about accomplishing various goals in games and more about racking up as many points as humanly possible. According to a recent interview with Xbox Platform Corporate VP Mike Ybarra, that will all be changing at some point down the road.

Spotify Launches On Xbox One

After waiting two years, getting stuck with other third-party music apps, and having to beg Microsoft incessantly for it... Xbox One owners now finally have the Spotify app available for use on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and soon the Xbox One X.

A Destiny 2 Coloring Book Is Coming, So Whip Out The Crayons

You'll have to wait until September to play the full version of Destiny 2. Leading up to the release there have been some beta tests, but those tests were brief and only lasted a few days. If you really want to get your hands on more Destiny ahead of release, there's actually a coloring book set to go live this month.

The Three Madden 18 Players With Perfect Ratings

Not every football player is perfect for every position on the field, just the same as not every star athlete from every era can excel when taken out of their comfort zone and placed into a different era. Well, that applies to most NFL stars throughout history... except for three, who have perfect ratings in Madden NFL 18.

New Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Gameplay Is Full Of Teen Angst

A new trailer for Life is Strange has popped up featuring nine minutes worth of gameplay from the upcoming adventure point-and-click adventure game from Deck Nine Games and Square Enix. The footage gives you a good look at some of the character interactions ahead of the game's release.

What Comes With Call Of Duty's Valor Edition

Activision has a special version of Call of Duty: WW2 planned for release this fall called the Valor Collection Pro Edition. Just recently the game maker revealed exactly what's contained within that version of the game and all the goodies you get for committing to a purchase.

The WNBA Is Making Their Video Game Debut

EA Sports made a fairly profound announcement for the upcoming NBA Live 18 for home consoles: for the very first time in the franchise history the Women's National Basketball Association players and teams will be featured in the game.

For Honor Season 3 Introduces Two New Heroes

The team at Ubisoft is getting ready to roll out Season Three content for the three-faction brawler, For Honor, and it'll include a pair of new classes for players to enjoy.

WWE 2K18: What We Know So Far

While annualized game franchises are something that happens with a lot of different genres, one area where we can kind of understand it is sports games. Here's everything we know about the next WWE game.

How Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Will Give Players Choice, Even Though It’s A Prequel

Life is Strange won a lot of fans due to its heavy focus on characters and relationships. Now, the prequel title Before the Storm is trying to emulate that formula, but how will it give players real choices to make, when the end is already known?

Dr. Strange Villains Have Been Confirmed For Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

Another pair of characters has been confirmed for the upcoming fighting game, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, one of which will be familiar to anybody who saw the Doctor Strange movie.

Two More Capcom Titles Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Spurred on by the success of Street Fighter II, Capcom has announced it will be bringing more games to the Nintendo Switch. They're already making good on that promise, actually, with two more games added to the 2017 lineup.

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