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The Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Making One Major Change

After years of begging Capcom for a remake of Resident Evil 2, the company finally obliged. However, there is going to be one major change to the game that fans of the original are most certainly not going to like at all.

Check Out The Cover Of WWE 2K18

2K Games, Yukes and Visual Concepts rolled out the official cover for this year's upcoming WWE2K18. The cover features one of the top stars on the Raw roster at the moment, who managed to fight, claw, and scratch his way up to the top of the card.

How Friday The 13th: The Game Is Apologizing For Server Problems

While the Friday the 13th: The Game launch hasn't exactly gone off without a hitch, the developers are at least well aware of the issue and looking to make good with a recent patch, a weekend event and a handful of free in-game goodies.

Hitman's First Two Missions Are Now Free

IO Interactive is finally free from Square Enix, and its first decree as an independent developer has been to make the first episode of the 2016 reboot of Hitman free, which includes two missions that take place at the ICA training facility.

Killer Instinct Is Coming To Steam

Microsoft may have put Killer Instinct on PC through Windows 10, but the community for the game is rather small. Well, to help boost the overall player-base and give gamers on PC more options in how they play Killer Instinct, Microsoft decided to bring a port to Steam.

One Question Destiny 2 Won't Answer

There are a ton of questions surrounding the lore of Destiny. Bungie filled it to the brim with all sorts of secrets and hidden information tucked away in nooks and crannies of the game. However, one question that hasn't been answered in the original and won't be answered in Destiny 2 might leave a few fans a bit peeved.

Why Dragon Ball's Latest Game Has 2D Combat

Bandai Namco allowed Arc System Works to take a crack at the Dragon Ball property. However, the developers behind the hugely popular Guilty Gear series opted to make the newest Dragon Ball FighterZ on a 2D plane instead of in 3D like the CyberConnect 2 titles. Well, there's a detailed reason why.

Xbox Head Fires Back At Sony's Reason For Preventing Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft, developers, and even Nintendo in some way have been pushing for and allowing for cross-platform gameplay. One company in particular has been very vocal about not supporting it: Sony. The company took some digs at Microsoft and Xbox Live, and Phil Spencer wasn't having any of it.

Will Brutal Legend 2 Ever Happen? Here's What Tim Schafer Says

One of the most beloved games that sort of came and faded away during the last generation was Double Fine Productions' Brutal Legend. During a recent Q&A session at the E3 Coliseum this year in Los Angeles, California, Jack Black and Tim Schafer finally addressed the future of Brutal Legend 2.

E3 2017 Hands-On: Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Adds An Army's Worth Of New Features

When Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches this fall, players will once again take on the role of the vengeful Talion, still pursuing his quest to overthrow Sauron. This time around, however, he'll have an entire army of orcs and various other beasties at his back, making for some big changes to the way players will leave their mark on the lands of Mordor.

If Wolfenstein II Is Half As Good As The Trailer, It's Going To Be Amazing

The Bethesda E3 2017 showcase only lasted about 40 minutes, and one game took up about a fifth of that time. Thankfully, the beefy Wolfenstein II trailer was totally worth it.

The Evil Within 2 Trailer Has A Sad Pop Song, So you Know It's Good

Shinji Mikami, the grandfather of the survival-horror genre, is back with a new game... the sequel to The Evil Within. The game was unveiled during Bethesda's E3 press conference and it was accompanied by an extremely sad but very compelling pop song. I guess that lets you know that the game is going to be good, right?

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Real, And It Looks Amazing

Ubisoft made a surprise announcement during the end of the press conference where Beyond Good & Evil 2 was officially announced, complete with a cinematic trailer giving gamers a look at the dynamic, multi-cultural world that the team at Ubisoft designed. Despite being the second game in the series, it's actually a prequel.

First Look At Gameplay For BioWare's New IP Anthem

During the Microsoft E3 press conference one of the premiere gameplay demonstrations that gamers were privy to witness was BioWare's super secretive project that was previously codenamed "Dylan". Well, it turns out the new IP is actually called Anthem and it's a third-person mech shooter.

Assassin's Creed: Origins Looks Like It Was Worth The Wait

Ubisoft finally unveiled its closely kept secret of this year's outing of Assassin's Creed. They skipped out on a game last year in order for the major motion picture to take the place of a game while the team ironed out the brand new Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Forza Motorsport 7 Looks Unreal On Xbox One X

One of the premiere games that Microsoft unveiled during the E3 2017 press conference for the Xbox brand was Forza Motorsport 7. The upcoming game was one of the first to take full advantage of the Xbox One X's hardware and it looks unreal.

Original Xbox Titles Are Coming To Backward Compatibility

One of the biggest surprises during Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference was that the OG Xbox games will be making a return via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One and Xbox One X, the latter of which is due for release on November 7th later this year.

The New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Looks So Good It's Just Trolling Us Now

Square Enix has been developing Kingdom Hearts 3 for more than four years. It made its public debut back in 2013 and has been moving along slowly in development ever since. The game is still possibly up to three years out from release, but Square has given gamers a small taste of what they won't be playing anytime soon, thanks to the new trailer surfacing.

The Xbox Scorpio Price May Have Been Revealed

Speculation has run rampant about the details, specs and price of the upcoming Project Scorpio from Microsoft. The new Xbox machine is set to take the world by storm during the Microsoft E3 press conference, but not before the price was let slipped to the general public.

The New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Sounds A Lot Like The Old Star Wars Battlefront 2

One of the games that got a lot of special treatment during EA Play's press conference was Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and one of the things that was fairly undeniable was that the new Star Wars: Battlefront 2 sounds a lot like the old Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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