The small amount of information released about The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has made me very skeptical about its quality. However, the screenshots show that the first-person shooter, if nothing else, looks good.

In one screenshot, the player is wielding a crossbow. The player character in the game is Daryl Dixon, the fan favorite from the television show. Daryl and his brother Merle are making their way across the zombie-infested South in an attempt to reach the supposed safe zone in Atlanta.

There's going to be plenty of head-stabbing and shooting. However, in many cases, it's best to just avoid the zombies altogether. A crossbow isn't suited to killing a pack of twenty walkers.

Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker reprise their roles from the show. They lend both their likeness and voice to the game. I'm glad they made the effort to hire the two, as a couple of soundalike/lookalike characters would've been distracting. Plus, the interplay between the two characters will probably be one of the main saving graces of the game.

Survival Instinct will be released in the last week of March.

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