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The Walking Dead Season 2 will continue this week on PC, consoles and mobile devices. Telltale has released the official release dates for Episode 3 along with a new trailer.

At the end of Episode 2, Clementine and her companions were captured by Carver. Carver is the leader of a large, well-armed group based in a walled compound. The episode opens with Clementine's group being brought to this base.

While they're prisoners, Carver doesn't just keep them locked up in cells all day. There's a lot of work that needs to be done to keep the base running. Clem and her friends have just enough freedom, then, to start plotting an escape. They'll sneak around the base preparing for their escape while trying to avoid detection from guards. The large concentration of survivors has drawn many walkers as well so they'll have to be dealt with as well.

Episode 3 will debut on May 13th on PS3 in North America and on PC and Mac worldwide. PS3 gamers in Europe and Xbox 360 gamers across the world can download the game the next day. The iOS version will then hit the App Store on May 15th.

"Additional platform release dates for tablets, mobile, handheld, and micro-console devices are to be announced. Please stay tuned to @telltalegames on twitter for more updates as they become available," Telltale says. The platforms they're referring to include the Ouya and Vita.

Each episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 can be purchased for $4.99 individually on Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS. These players also have the option of buying the season's five episodes all at once, though there's no discount on this. PC and Mac gamers are forced to buy the full season all at once.

Season 2 directly continues the first season of The Walking Dead. Players' decisions from Season 1 will be reflected in the new episodes if they import their save files. The Season 1 DLC 400 Days also has an impact on Season 2's plot. One of the characters from 400 Days actually appeared in this latest trailer.

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