Update: The first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two is now available.

Telltale will deliver on their promise to reveal the second season of The Walking Dead before the end of October. They say that the first details will be announced tomorrow.

The studio made this announcement over Twitter last night:

The baseball cap in the picture belongs to Clementine, one of the key characters from the first season. "Keep that hair short" is a reference to a piece of advice she received from her unlikely guardian Lee. If you didn't know all that, you should really go play the first season.

Telltale previously confirmed that Clementine would be returning for Season 2. It's not clear whether she's the player character this time around or whether she's once again an NPC. I'm inclined to believe the former. After all, she's the character from the first season that we've got the most emotional investment in. Plus, she's tough enough to handle herself these days...right?

The studio said that Kenny will be returning as well - kind of. We're going to find out "his fate" after his apparent death in Season 1. Maybe we'll just get a line of dialogue to the effect of, "Hey, remember that time Kenny died? That was rough." I suppose there's a possibility that our favorite hothead somehow survived, though.

Season 2 will reflect the choices that players made through Season 1 and its DLC, 400 Days. 400 Days, released this summer, was a series of intertwined short stories set in the same general area. While 400 Days had a cast of mostly new characters, I suspect its storyline will join up with the main plot in Season 2. The choices from Season 1 and 400 Days will be imported into Season 2 through your save files, provided you continue the series on the same platform.

While you wait for Season 2's announcement and eventual release, I'd strongly recommend checking out Telltale's latest adventure game Wolf Among Us. It's a detective story about Bigby Wolf, formerly the Big Bad Wolf, who tries to keep order among the exiled fairy tale characters living in secrecy within New York City. Wolf may not have any zombies in it but has the same rich story-telling as Walking Dead. It's more than an adequate substitute.

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