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Telltale released a new screenshot from The Walking Dead's second season this weekend. The new tweet could be a sign that they're close to announcing a release date for Episode 2.

In the screenshot, Clementine is sneaking up on a zombie with her hammer at the ready. Luke, one of her new companions, doesn't think it's such a great idea. He's racing to stop her from attacking.

Episode 1 ended with Clementine meeting a new group of survivors based in a farm house. Their house seemed well-supplied and secure. It should have been a good long-term home for Clem and her fellow survivors.

However, in this scene, Clem and Luke are in the wilderness near train tracks. The trailer for Episode 2 indicated that they left their home due to an unknown threat. The group is now heading to an unknown destination in the mountains. In addition to walkers, they'll also encounter a group of hostile survivors. One of these survivors is a former companion of Clementine but we don't know who it is yet.

Two weeks ago, Telltale said that information on Episode 2 was "just around the corner." They've yet to share any details, though.

The studio released Episode 2 of Wolf Among Us earlier this month. I imagine they'll wait until early March at the earliest to release the next installment of Walking Dead. It's best for the studio to not release Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us episodes on top of each other. By releasing them at least a month apart, Telltale ensures that the new chapter of each series gets the proper amount of attention.

Telltale is planning five episodes for Season 2. It's been three months since Episode 1's release so at this rate it could take Telltale the rest of 2014 to finish off the season. I hope the studio can speed up that pace; after a couple months, I tend to lose whatever excitement I had from the previous episode's cliffhanger.

Releasing new episodes at a faster rate might be difficult now that Telltale is also working on Borderlands and Game of Thrones games. Both those games are supposed to launch this year. I assume the plan is to finish off Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us by the fall and then release the first episodes of Borderlands and Thrones in November and December. Rotating new episodes for four ongoing series sounds like an awkward situation.

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