30 Captain America Trailer Screencaps Reveal Chris Evans' Amazing Transformation

By Josh Tyler 2011-02-06 21:03:25discussion comments
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30 Captain America Trailer Screencaps Reveal Chris Evans' Amazing Transformation image
The first ever Captain America: The First Avenger teaser trailer debuted tonight and, even if youíve seen it, you havenít really seen it. Though the teaserís only thirty-seconds long thereís no way you can take it all in just by hitting play on our trailer page. Weíre here to help.

Weíve broken down the Cap trailer into thirty-two pretty amazing high-res still shots taken directly from it, to let you get an up and close personal look at everything going on within it. Before you check out the full gallery of images at the bottom of the post there, hereís a quick look at a few things worth noting from the trailer.

First, a closer look at Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) transformation from skinny loser to muscle-bound hero. Itís pretty a pretty incredible FX shot, akin to some of the stuff pulled off in Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt. Take a look:

Steve Rogers Before:

Steve Rogers After:

A lot of people donít seem to remember it, but this isnít the first time Captain America has been turned into a movie. The last time Steve Rogers shows up in feature film it was 1990 and that movie, like this movie, featured Cap battling his nemesis Red Skull. Both Captain America and Red Skull are in the new trailer, hereís a side by side comparison of those characters as seen in the 1991 movie and the new movie, to illustrate how much heís changed.
Captain America 1991:
Captain America Now:

Red Skull 1991:

Red Skull Now:

Enough with the comparisons. Hereís the rest of our images, 32 screenshots straight from the Captain America: The First Avenger trailer and into your eyeballs.
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