Bateman Says Arrested Development Movie Could Still Happen

By Doug Norrie 2010-04-19 09:09:29discussion comments
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Bateman Says Arrested Development Movie Could Still Happen image
At what point do we just sit back, relax and be pleasantly surprised if or when the much-rumored, never started Arrested Development movie is made? Unfortunately, I donít see that ever happening, and weíre doomed to a lifetime of "will they or wonít they?" comments, rumors, interviews, promises and articles. A week ago, David Cross intimated the movie was a dead deal, thereby crushing the hopes of Bluth fans everywhere. Well, over the weekend Jason Bateman got those hopes right back up. In the L.A. Times Bateman said the movie was not dead and is ďstill in everybody's plans for it to happen.Ē

Granted, Bateman doesnít supply any concrete fact or evidence that the Bluths will actually reunite on the big screen anytime soon. Instead, he mostly just hopes and wishes out loud about the possibility that maybe, if the world was a perfect place and the stars aligned and everyone got their act together, then there is a slight, not impossible chance the movie could get made sometime in the distant future. In other words, donít get your hopes up.

Batemanís comments offer little promise to this fan. I want an Arrested Development movie more than anyone, but will believe it when I see it and not before.
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