Brad Bird Shakes It With Live Action

By Katey Rich 2008-03-13 12:53:54discussion comments
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Brad Bird has been nominated twice for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar, and has lost twice. This is almost definitely because he is a genius who chooses to work in animation, and has blessed us with The Incredibles and Ratatouille as a result. But now he may finally get his chance for true glory: Heís set to make his live-action writing and directing debut.

The Hollywood Reporter is confirming the story we brought you several months ago here, that Bird will be making 1906, set around the famous San Francisco earthquake and following a college student who investigates the fatherís murder. Because Brad Bird has giant cajones, heís re-writing an original script by John Logan, who wrote such major hits as The Last Samurai and The Aviator. The guyís been nominated for as many Oscars as Brad Bird has, but to paraphrase Ratatouille, anyone can write screenplays, but only a few can do it as well as Bird.

The one downside to this would be if Bird abandons animation for live-action filmmaking, but itís hard to imagine that happening. Bird is a smart guy who knows his strengths, which means both that he will never leave animation and that 1906 will almost definitely rule. Maybe itís my overwhelming love for Ratatouille speaking, or perhaps my irrational love of disaster movies, but this project pretty much sounds perfect. Brad Bird, you are my master now!
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