Brad Bird Says Edge Of Tomorrow Is An Example Of Why Hollywood Is Afraid Of Original Movies

Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise battle

Some movies, no matter how good or innovative, can fall flat with audiences and set a precedent going forward. That's arguably what happened with Edge of Tomorrow, a fiercely original non-sequel that didn't make an enormous impression at the box office when it debuted back in 2014. In fact, Incredibles II director Brad Bird recently brought up the film's performance and used it as an indicator of why he thinks Hollywood is afraid of original films. Bird wrote:

GREAT movie, but the audience (who asks for originality in films) failed to show up for it. If it had been released as "LIVE, DIE, REPEAT" it might've been the hit it should've been. Sadly, it was called EDGE OF TOMORROW... a terrible & bland title for a really entertaining film.

That title change has become one of the more talked-about elements of Edge of Tomorrow since its debut. The film was initially supposed to be called Live. Die. Repeat., but the title change to Edge of Tomorrow, in Brad Bird's opinion, ultimately contributed to its lackluster performance. Despite being such a solid movie, the man behind one of Pixar's most prominent franchises believes that Edge of Tomorrow not being a hit is an example of a good movie audiences just didn't show up for. That could then further the studio trend of not signing on for more original movies down the line.

There technically is a case to be made that Brad Bird's opinions have merit, as Edge of Tomorrow did have a lot going for it. As a sci-fi movie inspired by a Japanese novel, the film was anchored by two powerhouse leads in the form of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. However, per Bird's recent tweet, the "bland title" didn't sell audiences on the original concept and the viewers didn't turn out to see it as planned.

Of course, Brad Bird did temper his remarks with the acknowledgment that Edge of Tomorrow was a success in some regards. The director followed up with another tweet saying:

To be clear, EDGE OF TOMORROW was a hit, but given production and advertising costs, it didn't show the kind of profit that would encourage other studios to start gambling on originals again. But they ARE planning a sequel...

And that sequel will reportedly be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Edge of Tomorrow has become something of a cult hit with hard sci-fi fans since its debut, particularly after its home release, and director Doug Liman has spoken out about his desire to do some truly wild stuff with the follow-up. Who knows? If that sequel proves successful (particularly with that interesting title), it remains entirely possible that Brad Bird's opinion on the matter could be proven right. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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