Bruce Campbell Joins Twitter, Confirms Evil Dead Remake

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-12 01:05:45discussion comments
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Bruce Campbell Joins Twitter, Confirms Evil Dead Remake image
Weíve been hearing rumors that a remake of Sam Raimiís starter horror film Evil Dead might be in the works. Thatís not quite as bad as it sounds, since itís Raimi thatís rumored to be remaking it. Tonight we got confirmation that, yep, itís really happening. That confirmation comes from Bruce Campbell, star of the original Evil Dead series.

Bruce joined twitter last week and immediately started posting and answering fan questions. When asked if the Evil Dead remake was still happening he responded, ďBelieve in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.Ē Ash seems to know what heís talking about.

So itís happening and from what weíre hearing, happening soon. Dread Central claims Raimi is headed to Detroit right now, where heíll begin work on the Evil Dead redo. They claim itíll be a small, low-budget indie in the mold of the original, low-budget Evil Dead movie.

I wonder. I wonder if Sam Raimi would be remaking his own movie if anyone had shown up to see Drag Me To Hell? After he finished up with Spidey, Raimi tried to return to the genre he loved, got good reviews for his work, but couldnít convince audiences to see it. Conventional wisdom in modern Hollywood is that audiences only show up to see things they already know, which is why everyoneís doing remakes, reboots, adaptations, and retreads of material people are already familiar with. Seeing Drag Me to Hell tank at the box office while Spider-Man makes a bajillion dollars (even when it sucks) is the kind of thing that might convince an otherwise talented, original filmmaker to give up and go back to redoing everything heís already done in the service of things with name recognition. I wonder.
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