Chris Evans In Talks For Stephen King Adaptation The Ten O'Clock People

By Nick Venable 2013-05-19 12:17:00discussion comments
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Chris Evans In Talks For Stephen King Adaptation The Ten O'Clock People image
When he got his big break as Johnny Storm in 2005ís terrible Fantastic Four update, I would have bet money I didnít have on Chris Evansí career being an unchallenging one filled with romances and dumb comedies, with the occasional action hero role thrown in Ė in other words, the career of nearly every other good looking guy in Hollywood. But even within the roles that fall into the above genres, Evan never fails to impress, even when emaciated by CGI in Captain America.

And while Iíve never had to judge an actor on how he might perform as someone possibly going insane while trying to quit smoking, I donít see why Evans wouldnít fit the bill. Deadline reports Evans is the latest actor in talks to join The Ten OíClock People, the adaptation of a Stephen King short story to be directed by Tom Holland (Fright Night). At one point, Justin Long was attached to play the leading role, but production schedules put a halt to that. And we all know Evans has a full slate of films coming, with Joon-ho Bongís sci-fi drama Snowpiercer, Justin Reardonís romantic comedy A Many Splintered Thing, and of course Captain America: The Winter Soldier all coming out in the next year. We wonít even bring up Avengers 2 talks. You can catch him now opposite Michael Shannon in the crime thriller The Iceman, which features some of the craziest facial hair in cinema.

Should he take the role, Evans would play a business man attempting to drop his smoking habit with the help of a new drug. While quitting is hard, the manís life is about to get even worse once he realizes that many high-ranking society members around him are actually dangerous creatures in human form. The story originally appeared in Kingís Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Rachel Nichols was also supposed to star, but the THR gave no mention of her involvement.

The Ten OíClock People, currently being shopped around Cannes, is aiming to begin production in Atlanta starting this fall.
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