Christian Bale Fights Against Skynet

By Rafe Telsch 2007-11-28 22:56:07discussion comments
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The Christian Bale legacy continues. After a variety of rumors in the past week associating Bale with the upcoming Terminator: Salvation (the fourth movie of the Terminator franchise), some confirmation has finally come forward. While the actor hasnít signed a contract, he is indeed in talks with Warner Brothers to be a part of the upcoming sequel and, yes, he is indeed talking about playing John Connor, not a new Terminator or a new, separate character as other sites would have you believe.

MSN confirmed the news with someone associated with Bale and Terminator: Salvation who confirmed the big rumor making the rounds last week. As I said then, this is great news. If McG is truly going to direct the next movie, they need someone who can handle the acting on his own to take the mantle of John Conner. Bale is definitely that man.

We know the new Terminator flick is allegedly the beginning of a new trilogy, so I have to wonder if Bale is possibly negotiating an involvement in all three. Between Batman Begins and this, the actor is certainly becoming the geek-franchise go-to-guy. Now we just need to get him into a Spider-Man movie and The Hobbit to make the world complete.
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