Though the Coen Brothers are coming off a surprising financial success with True Grit, they decided to go the indie route with their follow-up film Inside Llewyn Davis. Not only that, but they also bypassed the festival circuit, instead screening the film last week for a group of Hollywood insiders-- and earning the kind of bidding war they would get at Sundance without ever having to strap on a pair of snowboots.

Now Deadline reports that the film has a buyer. CBS Films, the upstart film distribution unit of the TV network, has picked up the rights for close to $4 million. The film stars Oscar Isaac as a folk singer in the mold of Bob Dylan, making his way through the Greenwich Village folk music scene in 1960s New York. A trailer for the film dropped a few weeks ago, and it says everything about the greatness of the Coen Brothers and the potential of this new project that i can't. Take a look:

No word on when they're planning a release, but a fall Oscar-season date seems pretty obvious. In addition to Isaac, an up-and-coming star who's been in everything from Robin Hood to The Bourne Legacy , the cast the people you see in the trailer like his Drive co-star Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund and F. Murray Abraham, plus Justin Timberlake and Girls boys Alex Karpovsky and Adam Driver. Now that we know it's actually got a distributor and is likely to see release this year, it's right at the top of our list for most anticipated 2013 movies.



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