Crazy Heart Director Scott Cooper Looking Toward Brad Pitt Next

By Katey Rich 2010-04-28 13:34:45discussion comments
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Crazy Heart Director Scott Cooper Looking Toward Brad Pitt Next image
Scott Cooper already reached pretty high for his directorial debut Crazy Heart, snagging Jeff Bridges for the crucial lead role and, oh yeah, directing the guy to an Oscar. As he puts together his second film, it is clear that Cooper will not be stopped. Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere recently caught up with Robert Duvall, who has a small role in Crazy Heart and is pals with Cooper, and Duvall revealed that Cooper is planning to direct The Hatfields and the McCoys, about the famous feuding family, and wants Brad Pitt to star in it.

It's more than just a fantasy-- Cooper has actually met with Pitt about the project-- but it's hard to say exactly how or when Pitt would be able to make time for the movie. He's famous and in-demand for movie roles, not to mention spending plenty of time jetting around the world with Angelina and the kids. But Pitt's already shown an affinity not just for old American stories, but for newbie directors-- he was surely the reason that Andrew Dominik was able to make The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Will Pitt step in for Cooper as well? Hopefully some confirmation from someone other than the notoriously loose-lipped Duvall will be coming soon enough.
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