The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death 2, Stephen King And Lars Von Trier Made Our Week

By Nick Venable 11 months agodiscussion comments
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The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death 2, Stephen King And Lars Von Trier Made Our Week image
Good day, defenders of all things radiation-filled. This is the weekend of Godzilla! Even though Gareth Edwardsí update on the monster legend doesnít quite share the horror genre cred of its original source material, it was a bigger blast on the big screen than many horror films are, so Iím still roaring in celebration. My roar comes across as a chicken with a literal frog in its throat, but pride is relative. Letís get Bryan Cranston over to psychological horror next, shall we? Thereís an empire there.

Now for, you guessed it, your weekly horror news appetizers. Chloe Sevigny fans will be pumped to know the actress, whose dark drama series Those Who Kill was purged by A&E after only a few episodes, is joining not just one but two new flicks. Sheíll star alongside indie queen Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) in the "stoner gets pregnant amidst alien rumors" thriller Antibirth, and sheíll also star in Bobby Millerís "spiritual retreat body horror" The Master Cleanse, alongside Anjelica Huston (The Addams Family) and The Big Bang Theoryís Johnny Galecki.

In other news, the guitar-shredding director Rob Zombie halfway announced via a video clip that his next project will be called 31, will take place on Halloween (but presumably isnít a Halloween movie), and stars a clown as the antagonist. Assuming it also involves 1,000 corpses, this could be his entire film career in one flick. Check out the teaser poster below.

rob zombie 31

And now, your weekly main course.

abcs of death 2
First Looks at The ABCs of Death 2
As far as the horror anthology sequel The ABCs of Death 2 goes, Iím fairly certain it will have shorts that rival the best of the first film, and many that compare to the worst. Anthologies are a crapshoot, itís true. So itís almost impossible to know whatís going on in any of these first photos, courtesy of BloodyDisgusting, especially since nary a plotline or alphabetical clue is to be found. But these are all pretty eye-popping stills. The nudge-nudge shot you see above comes from Cheap Thrills director E.L. Katz's short, so let's counter it by taking a peek at (and maybe blowing a kiss to) this frumpy business that pops up in the short from Dennison Ramalho.

the abcs of death 2

Before we get to the other stills, itís worth pointing out that this film boasts an oddball list of directors whose films aren't teased here, including Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Larry Fessbender (The Last Winter), legendary animator Bill Plympton (The Tune), Vincenzo Natali (Cube), and Israeli directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (Big Bad Wolves). Weíll have more on plot and release dates as the months go by, but get a head-on look at the next image from Henge director Hajime Ohata.

the abcs of death 2

And finallyÖdammit, Iíve already used my head-loss joke for this story. Sigh. Hereís a still from the short directed by A Lonely Place to Dieís Julian Gilbey.

the abcs of death 2
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