The Fear Monger: New Projects From Eli Roth And Creator Of The Walking Dead

By Nick Venable 2014-04-04 22:55:21discussion comments
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Good day, stranglers of all things neckless. Olympics, huh? Sports on ice are no fun until thereís blood involved. Maybe itís just me, but I think acting out scenes from John Carpenterís The Thing should be a winter event.

Ridley Scottís Alien turns 35 this year, and few scenes will ever be as magnificent as that chestbursting sequence. Head over to our sister site to read about all of the goodies planned for the year. In other news, Rob Zombie is shifting gears on his next effort, putting aside Broad Street Bullies, the hockey project heíd been working on for years, to work on an untitled horror film. He says itís up the alley of Devilís Rejects fans, but doesnít go into any specific plotlines. He talks about it and more with New Zealandís 3news. Hot damn.

Robert kirkman norman reedus
The Walking Deadís Robert Kirkman Producing Sci-Fi Thriller for Norman Reedus
Creator of the often stellar comic that inspired AMCís The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman extending his creative reach into cinema, as heíll produce the upcoming thriller Air for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. Norman Reedus, the crossbow-wielding Daryl on TWD, will be taking the lead for one of his biggest film roles, joined by Blood Diamondís Djimon Hounsou, who weíll all get to know as Korath once Guardians of the Galaxy comes out. Itís the first feature for Chris Pasetto, and was written by the co-writer and lead designer for Rockstar Gamesí Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is quite an interesting bunch.

After a nuclear fallout has left the atmosphere hazardous to life, Reedus and Hounsou are custodians in a cryogenics lab whose hibernating inhabitants are those meant to rebuild the population and establish civilization anew. But their sanity is at stake in such a desolate place, and their own safety within the environment is difficult to maintain. It may not end up straying too heavily into horror, but if itís psychologically fraught, Iíll end up liking it. Iím completely behind Kirkman carving out his own path through entertainment.
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