Frankie Valli Joins Michael Douglas And Diane Keaton In Rob Reiner's And So It Goes

By Nick Venable 2013-04-30 18:47:35discussion comments
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Frankie Valli Joins Michael Douglas And Diane Keaton In Rob Reiner's And So It Goes image
Will 2014 be the Year of Frankie Valli? Without even thinking about the Jersey Boys musical currently on tour across the United States, we could be pretty close to a Clint Eastwood-directed adaptation of the musical, after it spent some time in studio turnaround. It isnít unreasonable to think that Valli would be involved. He even has Adam Davenportís debut feature I Fought the Law with Giovanni Ribisi and Malin Akerman coming out.

And now legends will collide as Valli has signed on for Rob Reinerís next romantic comedy, Castle Rockís And So It Goes. There heíll co-star alongside such big names as Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. If there wasnít a granddaughter character involved, this film could have easily been all legends Ė granted, ones that havenít really wowed crowds in quite a few years. Even screenwriter Mark Waters hasnít had a screenplay produced since 2007ís Georgia Rule. Valli, however, has been on tour with the Four Seasons, selling out shows left and right.

And So It Goes will focus on Douglas as an egotistical and eccentric realtor whose estranged son drops off a granddaughter he never knew he had. As a result, his entire world is thrown into turmoil. Keaton plays his loveable neighbor who helps him in accepting his new responsibility and life addition. And in the process, they fall in love of course. Somewhere in all of this, Valli will be playing a club owner. Hopefully he and Douglas will be able to share a scene or two.

As long as there isnít a Grease reboot involved, Iím perfectly fine with more Frankie Valli in pop culture. Maybe they could tour this film along with the Four Seasons to make sure people go out and see it.
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