Iron Man 2 Concept Art

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-15 01:18:37discussion comments
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Though it may seem like weíve already seen a lot from Iron Man 2, the truth is that really all weíve seen in Pepper Pots standing around and Tony Stark sitting on a race car track. What we havenít seen much of is action with Iron Man in costume.

Thatís probably not going to be remedied for a few weeks yet, but while you wait we have an artists rendition of what it might look like when it does. Beggars canít be choosers. Itís either this, or another walk around the set while nothing happens, courtesy of the French.

The images below along with a lot more in higher-res can be found on the official website of Iron Man 2 storyboard artist John Mann. The images come with this disclaimer from Mann: "I am contractually obligated to not show any image here that might compromise the story or designs of iron man 2 until the film is released. therefore what you will see here are obvious little snippets that arenít tied to any concepts or designs...enjoy!" Head over there to sing his praises and check out a few sample images below.

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