Martin Freeman And Mandy Moore Do Sex Comedy In Swinging With The Finkels Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2011-08-10 17:37:37discussion comments
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What are the odds that a man who looks like this would star in not one, but two movies where heís required to have sex with beautiful people on camera:

No offense Martin Freeman, but Iíd say almost zero. Heís ideally suited to play Arthur Dent in Hitchhikerís Guide and itís hard to imagine anyone looking more like Bilbo Baggins if they tried, but Martin Freeman does not look like a sex movie guy. Yet here we are, about to watch the trailer for his second, sexually charged, big screen character. I couldnít be happier.

His first was in Love Actually where he played a porn actor and now heís in Swinging with the Finkels a movie about, as the title suggests, swinging. Mandy Moore co-stars as his wife who agrees along with him to explore sex with other partners while maintaining their bond of marriage. Some of you are so shocked by the mere thought of this notion youíve already clicked away from this page to post more angry comments on your ďBig Love Is The Most Immoral Show In The History Of TelevisionĒ messageboard (I assume this exists somewhere), for the rest of you hereís the trailer.

And as long as you're here, check out the movie's first poster:

In the same way that you know movies about nerds will invariably make fun of them, itís probably safe to assume that the whole point of Swinging with the Finkels will be to show what a horrible idea swinging is. Odds are they wonít actually do it, so few movies ever really have the balls to go there and besides, Mandy Mooreís in it. Thatís not her thing, is it? Iíd love to believe this is actually a comedy about swinging, but if youíre really looking for a movie about couples engaged in group sex A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is probably better bet. Iíd like to be wrong, thereís potential in this idea, itís just a question of whether or not they actually have the balls to go there.

Swinging with the Finkels gets a limited release in California and Florida (swinger central, apparently) on August 26th. Help resurrect the career of Jonathan Silverman by seeking it out.
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