Paramount-MGM Hires Commercials Director For Its Valley Girl Remake

By Sean O'Connell 2012-02-17 06:47:10discussion comments
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Paramount-MGM Hires Commercials Director For Its Valley Girl Remake image
Clay Weiner, a successful director of TV commercials who also directed Nickelodeonís Fred: The Movie, has been chosen by Paramount and MGM to helm their planned musical remake of the 1983 movie Valley Girl, a largely forgettable dramedy that helped launch Nicolas Cageís career. Deadline, which breaks the story, says Weiner won the job over ďa number of well-established helmers who wanted the job.Ē

Weiner apparently won studio execs over with a three-minute reel he paid for out of his own pocket that showed how he planned to choreograph new dance routines to classic Ď80s songs from the film (and the era). The site says the remake will follow the plot of the original Ė with a punk rocker from the city trying to win the heart of a shallow girl from the Valley Ė and will showcase mash-up tunes from bands like The Go-Gos and The Cars.

Which brings me to my issue with this. Some movies are so closely associated with the decade in which they were released that remaking them doesnít make much sense. Easy Rider (for the 1960s) and Saturday Night Fever (for the 1970s) come to mind as films of their decades, and translating them to the year 2012 and beyond seems like more trouble than itís worth.

That doesnít mean Iím trying to compare Valley Girl to those films. Iím not. Itís not nearly as iconic as either. Iím more concerned with a production that tries to bring back ďtotally,Ē ďgrody to the max,Ē and other Valley slangs that became outdated the moment we graduated into the Ď90s.

But studios have been overly interested in the Ď80s, as of late. Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin flash back to that decade for Adam Shankmanís Rock of Ages. MGMís trying to mount RoboCop and Red Dawn remakes. And Valley Girl appears to be the next step. Rachel Getting Married scribe Jenny Lumet is taking a pass over Amy Talkingtonís original treatment, and Weiner can now begin casting. Do you think itís a good idea? Are you ready for a trip back to the vapid ways of the Valley? Let us know.
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