Pixar Teases First 5 Minutes Of Inside Out

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Maleficent made a decent amount of money, and the animated How to Train Your Dragon 2 is expected to entertain families seeking summer thrills. But letís admit it. We kind of miss having a Pixar movie in theaters, like we have each summer since Cars opened up in June 9, 2006. After some schedule reshuffling, Pixarís next film, Inside Out, is expected to arrive a year from now Ė June 19, 2015 Ė and the studio began sharing specific details for interested fans.

At the 2014 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, director Pete Docter took the stage for a panel that included his past experiences with the animation studio, his inspirations for Inside Out (which use celebrity voices to tell the story of a young girlís different emotions), and the events that take place in the movieís opening scenes. Hereís where we get very spoilery, so stop reading if you do not want to know more about Inside Out!

Pixar Times ran a report from a reader who attended the presentation, stating that the first five minutes of Inside Out were screened (with rough animation in place). It starts with the lead character, Riley, as a baby. The first emotion she feels is Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler). The rest of the characterís emotions are introduced in various settings, from Disgust (Mindy Kaling) to Anger (Lewis Black), who surfaces when Rileyís father threatens to withhold her dessert unless she eats her broccoli. The source adds:
Then we see her growing up, and saw some of how her emotions cope with that. Itís very much a Pete Docter opening to the film. I found myself completely empathising with the situation, just like in Up and it caused me to get a bit teary. Itís another heartfelt opening which Docter is obviously really good at.

They are talking about this one, from Pete Docter. Get the tissues ready.

Variety also reported from the event, quoting Docter as saying Riley isnít the main character in Inside Out, but rather, the setting. He explains that Fear is another major player in the story (voiced by Bill Hader), and that, "I thought I was making a film about my daughter, but the truth is, Iím more making a film about myself in relation to my daughter and understanding that. The film is told from a parentís point of view, and being a parent, I just sort of slipped into that, I guess."

God, Iím crying already. Finally, DisneyFR shared this look at the logo for Inside Out on their Instagram page:

No idea if that lettering will stick when Inside Out finally opens on June 19, 2015.
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