Robert Downey Jr. Snags Rights To Episode Of BBC's Black Mirror Series

By Nick Venable 2013-02-11 20:46:39discussion comments
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Robert Downey Jr. Snags Rights To Episode Of BBC's Black Mirror Series image
For as long as technology has been around helping humans to live better lives, there have always been naysayers claiming society will doom itself in succumbing to all things technological. Itís a frequent theme of science fiction, where our innermost desires are extended and engorged with greed, eased by the ability to make a machine do our dirty work. Recently, the BBCís powerfully audacious anthology series Black Mirror, much like The Twilight Zone before it, has taken viewers to the darker side of future tech, where no one manages to come out the victor.

According to Bleeding Cool, Robert Downey Jr. has now snagged the film rights to the Black Mirror episode ďThe Entire History of You,Ē though itís unclear how intensely he'll be involved. With all of his high-profile acting roles in the past few years, Downey hasnít really gotten himself into the producer role that a lot of his fellow thespians split their time and talents on.

One of those acting peers was apparently also in the hunt for ďThe Entire History of You,Ē with Bleeding Cool reporting that Downey Jr. beat out George Clooney for the rights. Considering the subject matter, Clooney would have probably bogged the plot down with some kind of socio-political angle, instead of the fractured love story it tells.

The episode, written by Jesse Armstrong of the BBCís P.O.V. comedy Peep Show, takes place in a future where humans have tiny implants that record the personís entire life, making all memories and events available for playback at any time. Toby Kebbell plays a lawyer who attends a dinner party with his wife (Jodie Whittaker), and finds she may have had a past history with another man (Tom Cullen), and the chip implant plays a big part in unraveling past events.

The second season of the International Emmy-winning series, which was brought to TV by Dead Set creator Charlie Booker, began Monday, February 11, 2013.
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