Shame Director's Next Film, Twelve Years A Slave, May Have Found Financing And Distribution

By Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-10 13:26:33discussion comments
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Shame Director's Next Film, Twelve Years A Slave, May Have Found Financing And Distribution image
It's a crime that Shame wasn't nominated for any Academy Awards. It was easily one of the best titles of 2011, but was snubbed because of its racy content and NC-17 rating. Still, the movie did accomplish one very important thing: getting people to recognize the greatness of writer/director Steve McQueen. It looks like New Regency got that message because now they are throwing support behind the filmmakers next project.

Deadline says that the company is now in discussions to both co-finance and distribute Twelve Years A Slave, McQueen's third feature film. Set to reunite the director with star Michael Fassbender and also star Chiwetel Ejiofor and Brad Pitt, the movie is based on the memoir by Solomon Northup. Ejiofor will play Northup, who was born a free man and then kidnapped and sold as a slave in Washington D.C. After learning what happened to Northup from a white Canadian carpenter who believed his story, Northup's wife in New York goes to the legal process to try and get her husband freed. Fassbender will play a plantation owner, while Pitt is set to play a northern lawyer who works to free the wrongly imprisoned slave.

This is fantastic news. Anyone who has seen Hunger, McQueen's first film, or Shame knows that he is a legitimate talent who deserves funding for the projects he wants to make. Given how supportive Fox Searchlight was of Shame I must say that I'm surprised they didn't offer to finance and distribute Twelve Years A Slave, but I'm sure there's a reason.
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