After tonight, we’re living in a post-Judgement Day world. As I type this audiences around the country are piled into midnight screenings of Terminator Salvation for the first ever showings of one-named director McG’s attempt to remake James Cameron’s world in his own, PG-13 image. Whether he pulled it off or not, you know you’re seeing it.

You’ve read Katey’s review, and stuck around while we’ve spent months now talking endlessly about this new, killer-robot world. Now it’s your turn. We want to know what you think of McG’s attempt to bring mankind’s Skynet ruled future to life… or is it death? After you see it, come back here and share your opinion by discussion Terminator Salvation on our message board, in the comments section throughout the site, and by casting your vote in the official CB Poll below:

What did you think of Terminator: Salvation?
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