V/H/S/2 Gets Vivid New Theatrical Poster

By Nick Venable 2013-04-24 00:28:43discussion comments
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V/H/S/2 Poster

In keeping with the design from the first filmís poster, this new one-sheet for the upcoming horror anthology sequel V/H/S/2 sticks to focusing on a skullish design for some reason, and it isnít quite as effective as the first. Perhaps thatís because huge stacks of VHS tapes are vaguely ominous and super-bright shades of red are blinding. That said, itís still a striking poster, with what look like random snippets of scenes placed between the lines. I guess thatís all you can do for an anthology, as focusing on anything specific would end up neglecting the other directors.

V/H/S/2 will feature less segments than the first film, but the lineup of directors is just as strong. Returning from the first film are Adam Wingard Ė whose long-awaited Youíre Next will finally hit theaters in August Ė and Simon Barrett, who will be directing his first gig here, whereas he was only a co-writer in the first film.

Aside from them, the film will also feature a segment co-directed by Eduardo SŠnchez (The Blair Witch Project) and Gregg Hale, the creator of Freakylinks; another one from Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre); and Gareth Evans, who created one of the greatest action films ever with The Raid: Redemption. And finally, Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun) will get his own short.

The initial buzz, which our own Kristy Puchko can vouch for, is that this sequel is the rare breed that is in all ways better than its predecessor...which is probably okay, since the film didnít grab much of an audience outside of genre fans. The sequel will be released on VOD on June 6 and in theaters July 12th. Check out the teaser below, and no one will laugh at you if you keep your phone light on as you walk away from the computer.

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