Whiplash May Join The Hells Angels For Tony Scott

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-06 02:25:06discussion comments
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Whiplash May Join The Hells Angels For Tony Scott image
Mickey Rourke, like just about everyone in the film, is fantastic in Iron Man 2. If thereís any complaint at all with his Ivan Vanko character itís only that Favreau doesnít give us enough of him. For Rourke, itís his most high-profile movie role ever, and to no oneís surprise itís already translating into further opportunities. Heís lined up parts in both of director Tony Scottís upcoming films.

Deadline says that in Potzdamer Potts he could end up acting opposite Jason Statham in a movie about two soldiers in a Jersey crime family trying to go international. In Scottís Hellís Angels heíd play Sonny Barger, the tough guy responsible for taking the infamous biker gang and turning it into a national organization.

Both projects are still in early stages of development and Rourkeís involvement is not yet a lock. He does however have an existing relationship with Tony Scott, having worked with him before his recent A-list acting resurgence on the Keira Knightley bounty hunter movie Domino. Unfortunately, Domino is widely regarded as Scottís worst film, ever. Not exactly a positive vibe to build on, though the movieís failure was far from Rourkeís fault.
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