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See The Classic Movie References Found In Pixar's Greatest Films

By this point we're all well aware of just how clever Pixar movies are. These emotionally engaging stories are full of intricate themes and crammed with references to other movies, a fact celebrated in this new compilation video.

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Top 20 YouTube Movies Available To Watch

Believe it or not, YouTube has some quality films hiding within its walls... and some of them are even free to watch! Here's a list of 20 prime candidates that you might want to bookmark before the next Winter Storm/Sick Day.

The 10 Best Edited Films Of All-Time, According To Hollywood Editors

Editors play an incredibly vital role, as many filmmakers would tell you that it’s in the cutting room that a movie is truly uncovered for what it is. A result of this is that the distinction of being considered the Best-Edited Movie Of All Time is quite an impressive one.

Citizen Kane Gets The Drunk History Treatment With Jack Black

When Orson Welles made Citizen Kane back in the early 1940s, it was considered one of the most controversial Hollywood movies ever made - though not because of violence, foul language, sex or nudity. Rather it was because the film's fictional central subject, Charles Foster Kane, was loosely though obviously not-so-lovingly based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper magnate who also happened to be one of the most powerful and influential people in America.

Orson Welles' Personal Copy Of Citizen Kane's Script Is Being Auctioned Off

You know that giant pile of money that you don’t know what to do with that’s just sitting in that black bag shoved into a corner or in the attic behind your childhood sled? It turns out there’s a pretty sweet thing you could blow that dough on, if you’re so inclined.

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Watch: Every Movie Reference From The Simpsons' First Five Seasons

Sure, an episode like “Cape Feare” contains obvious references to both Cape Fear and The Night of the Hunter, but you might not have recognized that homage to Daniel Day Lewis in the 1989 film Eversmile, New Jersey, a film that certainly isn't in my DVD collection.

Cool Subway Map Charts The Best Movies Of All Time

From the moment film fanatics had two or three movies at their fingertips to compare there have been arguments about which film is “best.” Truthfully, it can be exhausting. One man’s Citizen Kane is another man’s Vertigo, and rarely the two opinions shall meet - which is fine. But when you really want to chart the tracks of Hollywood’s best features, chopped up by genre category, this new train map is the way to go.

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Vertigo Dethrones Citizen Kane In Once-A-Decade Sight & Sound Critic Poll

They poll 846 critics and 358 and ask them to rank the 10 best movies of all time; today the first poll since 2012 was finally announced, and once again, there's not a movie on either list made after 1980. Here are the lists, first from the critics, then from the directors

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5 More Classic Movies We Want To See Converted Into 3D

It's not a matter of if we'll get more classics converted to 3D, but when, and it seems silly to simply stomp our feet and demand no more (though Eric Eisenberg will be doing just that later today, so feel free to tell him he's behind the times when that piece runs). For our part, we've decided to run with the spirit of the moment

7 Big Screen Moments That Are Still A Feast For The Eyes

It's a depressing fact, but the movie world is getting smaller and smaller. With the growth of DVD and Blu-ray, Video On-Demand, and online streaming, audiences have started trading in the movie theater experience for the comfort of their own living rooms. But films aren’t meant to be seen on the small screen – that’s for television. They are meant to be seen on the largest screen imaginable so that you can look up and just, “Wow.”

Citizen Kane Is Being Meticulously Restored For the September Blu-Ray Release

If your aging VHS copy of Citizen Kane is nearing the end of its very long life, have no fear. According to THR, Warner Home Video is swooping in to the rescue with a blu-ray restoration of what is widely considered the best piece of American film making, ever.

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Michelle Rodriguez In Citizen Jane: You Have To See It To Believe It

Apparently they're been promoting this film pretty heavily at Fantastic Fest down in Austin, where the genre-friendly crowd would be sure to lap up Michelle Rodriguez shooting a machine gun amid some cheesy CGI

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