The Depressing Way Entourage Decided Who Would Cameo In The New Movie
For a show as cameo ridden as Entourage, we find it hard to believe it was THAT hard to find some A-listers to lend their faces for a day. But the sad truth is, it was. Read on to get the scoop, first hand.
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Weekend Box Office: Spy Infiltrates Way To Number One, Entourage Stuck At The Gate
The summer blockbuster action has abated a bit this weekend. Three new movies arrived, but none sparked major enthusiasm with audiences despite doing well in their own rights.
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Visual Proof Movie Stars Look Cooler Walking In Slow Motion
The slow motion walking shot is undoubtedly the most conventional editing techniques in the business. This is especially true when depicting groups of neatly arranged cohorts just seeping swagger. Celebrating this week’s slow-mo-friendly cinematic debut of Entourage, this montage of movies demonstrates the art effectively.
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10 Awesome TV Shows That Need Their Own Movie
Inspired by the forthcoming release of Entourage, we’ve picked out 10 television shows – some off the air for years, some still airing – that we believe would benefit from a break from the episodic format and should have the opportunity to be turned into movies. What are our choices? Read on to find out!
The Entourage Movie Has A Huge Mistake That Can't Be Ignored
This shows how little attention those who should care about an Entourage movie actually care about the Entourage movie. Did no one on set bring this timeline gaffe up? Or did they realize it, and just hope no one watching the movie would notice… or care?
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Entourage Honest Trailer Gives The Show A Booze-Filled Middle Finger
With the movie set to open this weekend, now is the perfect time for a brutal Entourage honest trailer.
David Spade Tried To Get Dirty Jokes About Jennifer Lawrence Into Entourage
Entourage already has issues with the MPAA, but David Spade likely didn't help matters when he kept trying to cram dirty jokes about Jennifer Lawrence into his cameo.
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This Rotten Week: Predicting Entourage, Spy And Insidious: Chapter 3 Reviews
As the summer rolls on, we have three movies coming out this week. Vinny Chase and the boys back in Hollywood with Entourage, Melissa McCarthy is getting her Spy on, and we’re getting another chapter of Insidious.
Entourage Was Originally Rated NC-17, Probably Because Of The Porn Stars
HBO's Entourage was certainly no stranger to lewdness, however, the original cut of the upcoming movie got slapped with an NC-17 rating. Mostly due to the porn stars.
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Entourage Contest Somehow Benefits Cancer Research While Punishing A Non-Fan
You either love Entourage or you hate Entourage. It doesn't seem like there's an inbetween, and Wendy Molyneux Drake hates Entourage. But she's willing to set aside her intense disdain for the movie version of the HBO series for a good cause.
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Kevin Dillon's Favorite Entourage Scene Was Cut Because An A-Lister Bailed On His Cameo
The Entourage cast returning for a big-screen version of the hit HBO series should have been a joyous occasion, but production was plagued with problems, and even worse, Channing Tatum canceled his cameo!
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Jeremy Piven Is Making Way More Than His Entourage Co-Stars
Jeremy Piven is being paid way more money than his Entourage co-stars. In fact, he's being paid over double.
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This Entourage Short Film Connects The Show To The Upcoming Movie
This new Entourage short film explains what Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold has been getting up to ever since the TV series concluded.
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Jeremy Piven Found The Perfect Way To Promote The Entourage Movie
The whole crew is actually back for the Entourage movie. From what we can see in the trailer, Ari’s now a studio head, and for his first official film, he wants to be in business with Vincent (Adrian Grenier).
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Entourage Trailer Delivers Glamor, Drama And Ton Of Cameos
We haven't seen a brand new trailer for Entourage since the first spot for the movie debuted just before Christmas, but Warner Bros. has no unleashed the second preview for the movie, which you can catch in the embed inside,
Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 10 Films That Need Awesome TV Spots
These are the 10 movies on Hollywood’s release schedule that could use a Super Bowl boost. Maybe they aren’t on your radar yet? Maybe a studio showed some footage, and it didn’t go over as well as planned? Super Bowl Sunday could be Salvation Sunday if these films play their cards right.
Did Entourage Just Spoil A Major Scene From The Upcoming Movie?
The cast of Entourage filmed several scenes for its upcoming movie on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday evening. This has immediately sparked rumors of how they could be incorporated into the comedy, with some even suggesting that these scenes could be the precursor to Adrian Grenier’s Vince picking up a nice trophy in the film.
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The Entourage Trailer Is Sexy, Silly And Packed With A-List Cameos
“Sadly, all good parties must come to an end.” This is the phrase that sets the tone for our first look at Entourage, the 2015 feature-length film based on the popular (but now defunct) HBO series.
Entourage Eyeing Two Super Bowl Winners For High-Scoring Cameos?
The NFL is currently kneepad-deep in free agency, and the trades are coming as fast as the bullshit flows from one superagent Ari Gold’s mouthpiece. His portrayer, actor Jeremy Piven, is full of a few things himself, but none of it is the Super Bowl-winning pride of superstar young quarterback Russell Wilson.
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Entourage Circles A 2015 Release Date
The Entourage movie has shoots planned in L.A. and Miami. We don’t have a lot of details about the plot, though if you stuck with the show over the course of its cable run, you know that it will poke fun at the interior of the film industry, this time promoting Piven’s super agent, Ari Gold, to a full-blown studio head.
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