Why Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Won’t Rule Out A Revival Despite ‘Serious’ Issues To Deal With

Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase in Entourage.

HBO dramedy Entourage lasted for eight seasons and was a popular series for the premium cable network. While the show did get a feature film in 2015, four years after the series ended, could the show get a revival as well, a la Sex and the City with its upcoming revival? Entourage star Adrian Grenier sounds off.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his Netflix limited series Clickbait, Adrian Grenier, who is known as Vincent Chase on Entourage, was asked about a possible revival of the hit HBO show. Grenier explained where he stands on potentially revisiting Entourage with the way the world is today:

It’s a tough question because I think, societally-speaking, we’re dealing with a lot of serious issues and we’re taking things very seriously, which is important. But there’s also a very important role for comedy. What do they say? 'Comedy is tragedy plus time?' So I think we don’t want to lose our ability to laugh and make fun of ourselves and not take life so seriously, because laughter is funny and poking fun is an important way to find truth at the same time. And Entourage was, I think, a really spot-on, comedic reflection of our culture at the time. So I think if Entourage could continue to take a look at the world and be honest about, ‘What is?’ It’s gonna be funny too.

Entourage was mainly focused around a Hollywood lifestyle, albeit in a somewhat satirical way. In this day and age, things might be taken a little too seriously for a revival to be well-received. Shows have definitely had to take a look at the bigger picture and rework scripts, such as NBC cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As a comedy, you still have to be serious at points to accommodate everything going on, unless the show is going to omit those issues altogether like some shows did with COVID. Could Entourage be the comedy that fans need?

Meanwhile, Adrian Grenier has kept busy since playing a movie star on the HBO series. Following the end of his series and the follow-up film, the actor was in a few direct-to-video films and Hallmark Christmas movie Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays. He also was a recurring voice on the Disney Junior series Miles from Tomorrowland for twelve episodes. It seems like he wouldn’t mind doing an Entourage revival, however that might be, so fingers crossed it does happen.

The question is if an Entourage revival does happen, what will the setting be? Could it be a continuation of the OG series or follow a completely new A-list movie star? Whatever happens, the original is available to stream in full on HBO Max.

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