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Why Entourage's Adrian Grenier Returned To TV For Netflix's Clickbait

Nick Brewer holding up a card expressing his kidnapper's wishes on video in Netflix's Clickbait

Entourage helped launch HBO into the mainstream and strengthen its reputation for releasing shows not afraid to push boundaries. Since it ended in 2011, some members of the cast went on to lead other television shows, but star Adrian Grenier only popped up sporadically on television. Now, Grenier is headlining his first series in a decade. The actor revealed why Netflix’s Clickbait brought him back to television, years after the HBO series ended.

Entourage was appointment television for many HBO viewers over its eight-season run, but only Clickbait managed to pull Adrian Grenier back to television for a lead role. The Entourage alum told EW about picking the Netflix series as his first television project in a decade:

I'm project-focused, not necessarily quantity but quality. I'm always looking for the projects that are going to have a profound impact on people.

After the success of Entourage, it was understandable that Adrian Grenier didn’t want to commit to another series right away. Given Grenier's track record, he does seem to value smaller quality projects over huge blockbusters or splashy television series, even if Entourage did blow up and win a massive fanbase. Much like his Entourage character Vincent Chase, he always seemed to value artistic expression over large paydays and popularity for popularity's sake.

While he hasn’t been a series regular in years, Adrian Grenier has taken small movie and voice roles on television. He voiced the role of Captain Joe Castillo on the Disney animated series Miles from Tomorrowland. Grenier also appeared in television films Love at First Chance and Christmas at Graceland in recent years.

Adrian Grenier wasn’t done speaking on his extended absence from doing a regular television series. The Clickbait star gave some tidbits about what drove him to participate in the Netflix thriller. He revealed how the writing informed his decision:

It's a very curious series. At first blush, just on the surface, it's a thriller; it's a whodunnit. But really, the depth of it is exploring issues of identity, especially in the technology world. It's really very interesting exploring what it's like to be alive at a time of the internet, avatars, catfishing, all those things. [After looking over the first few scripts] I took a look at it and I said, 'Yes, please.’ And this was even before I knew how it was going to end. And so during the filming, I didn't even know who had done it. I was like, did I do it? Am I the guy? I feel like I'm the guy. But just keep in mind that in thrillers, the twists and turns aren't always what you expect. Wink, wink!

Clickbait seemed to bring Adrian Grenier what he needed – great writing, impactful subject matter and a sense of intrigue. If that doesn’t make a viewer take a chance on the series, then nothing will with the series' mixed reception. Thankfully, fans can get excited like Grenier as all eight episodes of the Netflix miniseries are currently available to stream.

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