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The Westworld Season 2 Trailer Is Delightful And Deadly

Westworld is coming back. And it looks deadlier than ever

Goon 2 Trailer Has All Of The Punching And Checking You've Been Waiting For

If you want fighting, you've got it in the trailer for Goon: The Last of the Defenders. Check out Doug the Thug's latest slugfest, here.

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The Killing Hasselhoff Trailer Features A Death Pool And David Hasselhoff Running In Slow Motion

We've been hearing about a movie following Ken Jeong attempting to murder David Hasselhoff for a while. Here's what that looks like.

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The Bad Moms Christmas Trailer Is NSFW, Features A Little Girl Dropping An F-Bomb

While it feels like we just saw Bad Moms on the big screen, STX Films is already set to release A Bad Moms Christmas, and we can finally take a look at the first footage from the flick.

The Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Is Hilarious and Surprisingly Explosive

The Bellas are back for their final tour! Check out the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, which sends the ladies overseas for more singing, goofing off, and acapella puns.

Stronger Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boston Marathon Movie Is Gonna Be A Tearjerker

The Stronger trailer has been released and it will make you do three things. 1) Remind you of how amazing Jake Gyllenhaal is. 2) Make you cry. 3) Give you reason to imitate a Boston accent.

The First Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer Is Touching And Poignant

The first trailer for Goodbye Christopher Robin will probably make you well up, and it also suggests that it could be in awards season contention later this year.

The First Paddington 2 Trailer Features Adorable Mishaps And Mayhem

We aren't getting the second Paddington movie until 2018, but that hasn't stopped The Weinstein Company from giving us our first look at the upcoming British adventure flick.

The Logan Lucky Trailer Features The Daniel Craig Performance We Never Knew We Wanted

As if director Steven Soderbergh's return to theatrical film-making wasn't exciting enough, Logan Lucky has a performance we've been waiting for, and we didn't even know it. Read on to see Daniel Craig's hysterical turn in this southern fried crime caper.

International Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Has Funny Civil War Connection, Much Better Footage

Spider-Man: Homecoming's new international trailer has an awesome connection to Captain America: Civil War. We know you need to look.

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New Look At The Mummy Reveals A Major Twist About Tom Cruise

Things don't look too good for Tom Cruise in The Mummy. Spoilers, obviously.

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Why You Don't Know Kylie Jenner, Even If You Think You Do

We don't have to know Kylie Jenner to find her interesting, and that is a good thing because she's now saying we don't know her at all.

This Very Honest Trailer Mocks Fifty Shades Darker, The Steamiest Story You Can Buy At A Target
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Watch Zac Efron Kiss The Rock In New Baywatch Red Band Trailer

Now that the movie is finally headed into theaters, Baywatch has released a red band trailer full of f-bombs, middle fingers, dismembered body parts, action and more.

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Watch A Robot With Dementia In Brand New Transformers: The Last Knight Clip

A brand new clip from Transformers: The Last Knight shows off an aging robot with dementia, and it's even weirder than it sounds.

IT Gave Us Our Best Look At Pennywise Yet In A Terrifying New Trailer

We just got our best look at Pennywise, courtesy of the latest clip from IT. Take a look for yourself, as you watch a terrifying scene from the film, inside.

The New Dunkirk Trailer Is Chilling And Suspenseful

Christopher Nolan. Battles. Wow. Just wow.

Alien: Covenant Just Dropped A Super Creepy Clip

This new Alien: Covenant clip is just what we need to get revved up for Ridley Scott's return to the saga of the Xenomorphs. Also, it's pretty creeptastic, if you ask us. But watch for yourself.

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard Red-Band Trailer Features All The Samuel L. Jackson F-Bombs We Could Ever Want

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are both talented actors with huge potty mouths. Their new movie The Hitman's Bodyguard, seems tailor-made for the two actors, with both action and comedy galore.

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Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit Trailer Tells The Story Of The 1967 Riot, Looks Incredible

Today is bringing us the first trailer for Detroit, a movie that will take a look at the 1967 riot in the eponymous city, as well as the people living within the city itself during tumultuous times

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