The latest teaser for Season 4 of The Walking Dead may not show a whole lot, as it might be the briefest teaser we've gotten so far, but it's 11 seconds of pure terror. And as a bonus, we get the sight of Daryl scooping up a terrified child and raising his crossbow at the oncoming walkers. He's so brave and heroic! Le sigh

Le sigh

Seriously, Daryl being a hero to a child is as great as watching him hold that baby. But something tells me AMC knows that, hence this teeny snippet of a sample of Season 4 to remind us that, not only are there scary zombies to anticipate, but also moments for our favorite characters to rise up against them. Beyond this display of Daryl heroics, we have the alarming sight of walkers in the prison. That's not a good thing, especially now that the population has increased pretty drastically thanks to the arrival of the Woodbury residents.

Speaking of which, yesterday we shared a set video for Season 4, which has comic series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman giving us a tour of some of the outdoor locations at the prison, indicating that the residents have been doing a bit of farming. There's also a scary fence of weapons.

We also got a sneak peek that showed Michonne having a run-in with some walkers when she was trying to get back into the prison. All signs point toward the prison not being nearly as secure as it once was, which could mean it's time to move on.

The biggest look we got at the upcoming fourth season of The Walking Dead was the preview that debuted at Comic-Con last month. Not only did that one tease more walker trouble, but we also got some hints about what's ahead for some of the characters. If you haven't seen the nearly-five-minute video, check it out below:

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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