Kim Kardashian Is Finding Her ‘Personal Confidence,’ Has A Little Fun With North West In New Look At The Kardashians

It’s hard to believe The Kardashians has already aired an entire season in its new home on Hulu, and it's even more difficult to believe Season 2 is on the way. Yet, Season 2 is coming and we’ve been getting some sneak peeks at what to expect. There’s a lot on Kim Kardashian and "confidence," which is intriguing giving how she seems to have grown as a person through her ongoing divorce with Kanye West and her now-defunct relationship with Pete Davidson. Other moments pop up too, including some throwback stuff on Kourtney and Travis Barker’s wedding and one moment in particular where Kim finally seems to get to tease North West.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on North and Kim Kardashian’s relationship, you probably already know North trolls Kim a lot. The mom of four generally seems amused by these moments and shares them on social media. She also seems to like North West’s independence and spunk, but it is nice to see her having a little fun with North (not at her expense) here rather than the other way around in a clip talking about an “iconic” moment that seems as if it will play out in Season 2.

Part of this might be the side to Kim K. we don’t often get to see, but as the star notes she’s also really feeling like she’s “found” her “personal confidence” these days. (These is even despite gaffes like the interview that drew backlash a few months ago and the Marilyn Monroe dress she wore to the Met Gala.) 

At another point, Kardashian is shown wearing the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress that got her into some hot water earlier this year. Kim Kardashian actually worked to lose weight and fit into it, she does seem pretty confident through the fittings, noting she’s “the Marilyn and the Jackie,” as in Monroe and Onassis. 

It’s always a little weird looking back at events that already happened, as Kylie Jenner is talking about having another baby and Kourtney Kardashian is preparing for her nuptials to Travis Barker, both of which already happened. My favorite part of the Season 2 trailer, however, is when Kris Jenner gaffes and actually says:  

I’m just so excited for Khloé and Travis. No, no. Whatever! It starts with a K.

It is worth noting that Kris Jenner has six children, all of whose names begin with the letter "K" on the female side; her son's name is Rob. At one point in the past she admitted she has trouble keeping tabs on the Kardashian grandkids and all of their names, so this blooper is both revealing and totally on-brand for the momager. 

I'm sure we'll see some of those grandkids in action, as well as some previously unseen footage from the wedding, the Met Gala and more when The Kardashians returns to the TV schedule on September 22, only for those with a Hulu subscription. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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